Fans invade Lost set

According to the World Entertainment News Network, it is becoming increasingly difficult to shoot new Lost episodes. One might expect that the problem would lie in expanding production budgets or bad weather, but according to “a production source”, the problem is that fans are trying to invade the set to get close to the ever so popular lost actors.

“Things were a lot easier filming the first series when the cast were still largely unknown. But now some of them have a very enthusiastic fan base who will stop at nothing to get close to their idols.

We may be on an isolated island but there have been several incidents where fans have stormed the set.

It’s cost about half a million in lost filming time and additional security.”

Once again, I hope and believe that none of our readers would do something like that. Actors are regular people, they are not the characters you get to know and love on TV.

via DarkUFO

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4 Responses to Fans invade Lost set

  1. patience says:

    People like that are going to ruin it for everybody, I know that the show is awesome, Im a huge fan but theres a time and a place. I like what Evie said at the golden globes about how she wished they worked in LA because in LA people respect your privacy a bit more than in Hawaii because its not that uncommon to see someone famous in LA. My Boss went to hawaii and saw Dominic in a coffee shop everyone there said “he’s really nice he wont mind if you go say hi” and my boss still didnt because the dude it sitting there trying to enjoy a cup of joe and relax and he respected his privacy. People need to chill out especially when they are trying to film. With that said man I cant wait till the 7th it went by surprising quick way faster than i thought. yay.

  2. Dusk says:

    Leave the set alone Andreas!

  3. Austin says:

    It seems suspicious that there are so many interviews where producers, writers, and actors are giving hints as to the next part of the season. are they really scared that people will forget when the season starts? to be frank, i didn’t know when it would start for a while, and i keep pretty close attention to the show. or maybe this is just abc trying to get more viewers. whatever it is, i’m getting sick of it ‘cus if the next season is going to be filled with as many twists and turns as they say, i want the cake when it’s baked.

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