Final Lost Episode video from CES

Remember when I wrote about the cool video that was played during Disney CEO Bob Iger’s keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show?

At the time, a copy of the video was nowhere to be found but to my pleasant surprise DarkUFO found it on YouTube today, so finally we are all able to see it!

The video features some of the cast from Lost. At a first glance it looks real, but the video is a made-up version of “the final Lost episode” intended to get some laughs out of the audience, so no need to worry about spoilers.

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4 Responses to Final Lost Episode video from CES

  1. KJ says:

    Sayid’s face is priceless in those few last seconds. Hee!

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  3. Cecilia says:

    This is one of the best parodies to come along in a while (and it should be, since it’s “officially made”). Great job, Disney!

  4. froggirl says:

    I just found this and was coming over here to make sure you guys had seen it. Hilarious! I can’t wait for new episodes!!

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