Lost Questions – Asian smoke monsters and crocodiles

I received a mail with some questions from Lost Blog reader Jason today:

In an anime movie called Vampire Hunter D, there are monsters called Mist Devils that resemble the monster on Lost. Is there any chance this has connection to Asian folklore that Jin would give insight to?

Saltwater Crocodiles are native to the south Asia/Australia region. They are the largest breed of crocodiles and sometimes grow just shy of 30 feet. Is there any chance of us seeing one of these on the island giving the castaways problems?

I am not aware of any connections between the smoke monster on Lost and Asian folklore. It’s not impossible, but to my knowledge we have not seen anything that points in that direction. Maybe some of our readers have more knowledge of smoke monsters in Asian folklore?

When it comes to crocodiles native to south Asia and Australia, I’m not able to give you a good answer either. The reason is that we have no idea where the island is located. Some belive that it is located between Australia and America, others belive that the island is in Antarctica and others believe that it is constantly moving.

Since we don’t know where the island is, we can’t assume that there is any connection to south Asia or Australia. On the other hand, we have seen boars, horses and polar bears on the island, so if you keep your fingers crosses, maybe some crocodiles will show up in a future episode!

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8 Responses to Lost Questions – Asian smoke monsters and crocodiles

  1. Asian says:

    To assume that Jin might give insight to something by virtue of being from Korea (which ethnicity is the movie?? Animes are usually Japanese) is ridiculous, not to mention quite ignorant.

  2. Andreas says:

    I understand your point of view, but Jin is from a traditional family and could very well have heard classic stories during his childhood.

    To assume that he HAS insight would be ignorant, but considering that we are talking about a fictional character, assuming that he MIGHT have insight doesn’t seem that strange to me.

  3. TribbieSt says:

    Hmmm . . . interesting. Oh, and not to be picky, but it’s “boars,” not “bores.” Same sound, different meanings.

  4. Smaran says:

    Andreas, you mean “boars”, right?

  5. Andreas says:

    I knew “bores” looked wrong when I wrote it yesterday, but I couldn’t figure out why, hehe. Thanks guys.

  6. MasterPo says:

    You don’t have to go to anime to find smoke/fog monsters. If it is a similarity to other shows, certainly it’s a reference to Star Trek (the original series). They had several smoke/gas/pure energy creatures featured.

  7. AnotherOther says:

    Well, I think the smoke monster is nanobots. (j/k) It seems like the writers are taking queues from alot of different forms of literature. I think its totally probably that the idea of the smoke monster came from an Asian folklore, Anime, or even other science fiction stories. As far as Jin knowing about it, I doubt that will happen. I think whatever is finally revealed about the island is going to be something so crazy and weird that no one there will have any knowledge from their past about it.

    But then again, I could be completely wrong and it could be the opposite – everyone in the crash will help in some way or another through their own knowledge or skills to figure out whats happening and how to get out (or off, I guess).

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