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Update: Bonnie got in touch with me and explained that it’s just a coincidence. are also linking to my original article so the issue has been resolved.

I spend way too much time maintaining this site, doing research and writing articles. On an average day I’m happy if I make four bucks from the advertising. I think it’s needless to say that my major motivation to run The Lost Blog is my passion for reading and writing great ideas about Lost. That’s why it makes me really sad to see another site re-write one of my articles without even mentioning this site.

Alright, let’s be fair, Bonnie Covel’s article at entitled “You’re Wrong About Lost” isn’t an exact copy of my recent post “The Critics are Wrong“, but the fact that her article was published the day after I published mine and that her article contains and even seems to be based on the arguments in my article is what I would call a bit unethical.

Let’s examine the evidence

I wrote:

To address the first part about Lost needing to answer more questions and mysteries, any fan of the show knows that questions are being answered and the producers have promised to answer even more questions.

Bonnie wrote:

Complaint 1 – Lost Doesn’t Answer Enough Questions
Uh, if all the questions were answered there wouldn’t be a show. Lost has a nice way of answering one question while creating a whole slew of others (pun intended). For example, we found out what was in the hatch, a man, a computer, living quarters. But we didn’t know why there was a man, what the computer really meant, and why there were living quarters.

Why is Locke in a wheelchair? We’ll find out this season.
What do Jack’s tattoos mean? We’ll find out this season.
Why is Juliet on the island? We’ll find out in tomorrow’s episode.

No, we haven’t gotten the answers to all of our questions, but that’s what makes the show so good.

I wrote:

To address the second issue with critics assuming that they speak for all of us when they write things like “Lost fans have gotten tired of the show”, they seem to be forgetting that Lost is still one of the most popular shows on television. When you have more viewers than the population of several European countries (and let’s not forget, Lost is very popular in the entire world, not just in the states) I don’t really think it’s justified to complain about a lack of viewer interest.

The fact is that Lost is very popular, but I don’t think anyone really thought that Lost would be THE cool show forever. At the moment Heroes gets all the free champagne and VIP-passes, but like with anything else, fame doesn’t last forever. Next year another show will be new and amazing but Heroes, like Lost, will still be a great show.

Bonnie wrote:

While it’s true that Lost has lost some of it’s audience, it just means that it’s not the number one show anymore. So what? It’s still in the top ten. Heroes is currently doing great, and next season another show will be in the top spot. That’s the way it goes, but it doesn’t mean that Lost has lost it’s popularity. In fact, the die-hard fans are going to remain die-hard fans until the end.

I’m not saying that my ideas are the most original in the world, and sure, it might be a coincidence, but the day after and using the same arguments?

I’m glad that people enjoy the things I write, but just like we always attribute our sources and quote them, it would be nice if other sites wrote that they had found a cool article and linked to us instead of just using my ideas.

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7 Responses to Bonnie reads The Lost Blog

  1. patience says:

    Hey Andreas,
    She totally ripped you off, most people try to imitate the greats, like the Searchers to the Beatles, lol. Anyway are you guys as excited as me it seems like that thirteen weeks went by faster then I ever thought it was going to, I cant believe tomarrow is the seventh. yay. See you guys in the Not in Portland thread tomarrow.

  2. Andreas says:

    Yeah, I’m really excited patience. I’ll write a bit more positive posts tomorrow!

  3. patience says:


  4. cheese says:

    thats sad that they never gave u credit, out of all the lost sites, your site and WIKI r the only ones i check out,

    just keep up your great work,

    their will always be rip off persons around,.

  5. Andreas says:

    The issue has been resolved. Turns out it was just a coincidence.

  6. Dusk says:

    I’m sorry, but I just don’t see these claims. You can at least count on devil’s advocate cynicism from me, but I just can’t see it. The sentiments you expressed are ones that have been expressed all over the net for months. You provided a neat sumarization of what we have all been feeling for a while, and that writer simply drew from the same widespread reality.

    I’m all for web-writers rights (I’ve been “borrowed” word-by-word online in the past, as well as a magazine), but this strikes me as a bit of a reach. I enjoy your blog highly, but your piece was a simple op ed piece with no discernable difference in opinion or facts then used by hundreds the website & forum world over.

  7. Lesley says:

    Andreas – You have the most concise and intelligent web site and imitation is the greatest form of flattery!

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