Never forget the numbers

Lost Post-it

This is the latest ad for Post-it in Chile.

Personally, I don’t think I would forget the numbers but I’m sure post-it notes could come in handy on the island. Maybe a few thousand of them could be used to built a tent or something.

Thanks to Alejandro for the tip

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5 Responses to Never forget the numbers

  1. Tanner says:

    Very cool anyone know where I can find a high-res?

  2. MasterPo says:

    Hehehe. I have the numbers saved in my cell phone! 😉

  3. Pam says:

    I know if I had to take a shift in the hatch I would need to write the numbers on my hand (somewhere I wouldn’t lose them) in order to remember them, but after awhile I would remember them. Now if that where only the case for my social security number…

  4. Andreas says:

    Tanner – The image can be found in higher resolution at

  5. anitez says:

    Also there is an other image available in original size (1654 x 1240 px)

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