Create your own Dharma Initiative rations

Dharma Initiative rations

While waiting for the premiere of “Not in Portland”, Lost Blog reader Josh and his friends felt creative and created their own Dharma Initiative rations:

While waiting for tonight’s LOST party, we realized that normal food wasn’t gonna cut it tonight. We wanted to eat like Hurley and drink like Desmond, and thus was born the Lost Label Project – an effort to make our pantry look way more like this.

A few hours later, we’re proud to present to you the fruits of our labors – the Dharma Initiative Rations. We’ve got Beer (did you spot the Dharma-brand Merlot in last seasons finale?) Cola (just in case Walt comes back), Crisps (to consume alongside aforementioned beer), and Peanut Butter (It’s delicious). Not a bad lineup.

Over at Josh’s site you can look at more photos and best of all, download a PDF to create your own Dharma initiative rations.

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4 Responses to Create your own Dharma Initiative rations

  1. AnotherOther says:

    Oh Sweet! That stuff is awesome!

  2. joe says:

    brilliant! when i moved from new york to la, my roommate made me a similar going-away present – check it out!

    ‘station 89’ was what we dubbed our apartment

  3. Athene says:

    Hehe. Glad to know that others have had similar ideas. My name link goes to a picture of my husband’s nalgene bottle that he modified after seeing Lost 🙂

  4. lidz says:

    Ahh… fantastic, we will be having a massive season premiere party this weekend; thanks for the ideas

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