Mittelos Bioscience

In last night’s Lost episode “Not in Portland” we were introduced to a new mysterious company named “Mittelos Bioscience”.

Accompanied by Ethan Rom, a man named Dr.Alpert wanted to hire Juliet as a fertility specialist at their facilities in Portland. As we later find out, the facilities are not in Portland at all, but probably on the Lost island.

At their first meeting Juliet says she can’t take the job, because her ex-husband would never let her go unless he was hit by a bus. Dr.Alpert must have been very interested in getting Juliet to work with them, because the next time we see Juliet’s ex, Edmund Burke (named after the philosopher with the same name), he is run over by a bus.

As we find out in “Not in Portland”, Juliet accepted Dr.Alpert’s offer and has been living on the island for 3 years, 2 months and 28 days. She also reveals to Jack that Ben isn’t letting her leave.

There is no doubt in my mind that Mittelos Bioscience is a part of The Hanso Foundation and the Dharma Initiative.

The name “Mittelos” is an anagram for “Lost Time”. This could be a further indication that there is something strange going on with the time on the island. Perhaps time moves slower on the island as part of the Hanso Foundation life extension aspirations?

Possible Website

The website appeared some days ago.

This is all very interesting, but the site appears to be a fan-made hoax.
Lost script supervisor Gregg Nations has said that it is not an official website.

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  1. AnotherOther says:

    Interesting site. I guess it doesn’t work any more.

  2. Andreas says:

    Try refreshing the site a few times. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

    I was a bit disappointed to find out that the site isn’t official since I “cracked” the security on the Projects page. I logged in with the username “jburke”, as in Juliet Burke and password “rachel”.

    If you click on Current Projects you will see a map of the island with two adjacent islands and then a message from Rachel, Juliet’s sister will appear.

  3. Dusk says:

    Alpert? I thought it was AlpOrt, as in anagram for “Portal”. Is there an official spelling somewhere, anyone?

  4. Andreas says:

    According to the ABC press release his name is Richard Alpert.

  5. Damien says:

    Its interesting I think that site is real and not fanmade…looking at the whois it was bought Jan 13th 2007 which is before the critics got the episode I think and it has the logo and everything from last nights episode so my bet would be someone with insider information made ready for the show….because lost fans would want to go find out about the corporation….my 2 cents πŸ™‚

  6. Andreas says:

    I would like to believe that the site is real, but since Gregg Nations apparently wrote that it’s not official on the fuselage forum, it is probably just a hoax.

  7. Bobbi says:

    First, (sorry ahead of time if this is obvious) but wasn’t there a Mittlewerk name some time back, maybe from the Hanso website?

    Also, I find it interesting that during the recent interview-there was mention of “time” and that it was quickly mentioned then left alone. Now we see as stated above, Mittelos is an anagram of Lost Time. I also find it interesting that Juliet was promised to be back in time for her sister’s due date. I know we should not necessarily “believe” what Dr. Alpert said, but it leads us to more questions on the relativeness of “time” on this island.

  8. Lesley says:

    We always suspected there was something screwy with the time on the island. (Remember the timeline in “Two for the Road”?) What I really want to know is which of the women on the island is 30 years old with a womb that has aged to over 70!

  9. Hammer says:

    Good catch…that was the reason they wanted Juliette. Thus there is something about the island that makes women
    barren. Time issue? Virus? Electromagnet?

  10. Andreas says:

    Damn it, here I’m writing a post about the conversation Juliet had with Dr.Alder and you guys have already figured everything out, hehe.

    Look out for my post within an hour!

  11. Hammer says:

    Looking forward to it.

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  13. smiley says:

    somehow i feel this is connecting to the French Woman!!!! and they’ve successfully kept her daughter, Alex, growing at a normal rate, thats why they don’t want her to leave the island(s). they might have done something to Claire’s baby as well, to watch that baby grow in the wild instead of in the Others’ care, like Alex. my mind is racing….

  14. smiley says:

    and wasn’t Ethan already working in the hospital? there was that shot in the beginning of the episode of Juliet walking the hallway and Ethan passed by her and said “Hello”. i cant recall, but where were they?

  15. downthehatch says:

    They have been hinting this out of time thing for a while. Practiacally everything in the hatch was strangly out of sync. VCR vs. Projector. Hurley and Syied hearing that music over the receiver…Syied mentions the music is from a different place and Hurley say “Or time”. Time has played a significant factor throughout all of LOST…esp the varied time lines or how long have things been on the island. Never though has it reared up like in last nights least not with the kernel of information we were given last night.

  16. photizo says:

    Thx to andreas for the cracking of the mittelos website. I don’t know if this one is new, but there was a link in Rachels email directing to a videomessage with a strange voice warning julliet about the hansofoundation.
    check this:

  17. Lost Guru says:

    What if there are three worlds … parallel worlds, each stuck in the vortex of time. One world is the “real” world when things happen as they happen. The second world is the world the survivors are on and is actually goes back in time which explains why everyone’s been healed. They’re not actually healed. It’s just their injuries or pains haven’t happened yet. It also would explain the weird ancient rock formations, the pre-historic polar bears. And the world the “others” are on goes forward in time which explains why the housing development suddenly showed up where Juliet was doing her reading group and also why they’re so far advanced in their research.

  18. Hammer says:

    Heck of an idea Lost Guru…seems plausable.

  19. Bobbi says:

    Awhile back, last season…when Ben was discussed, many tried to understand what he meant when he said, “i’ve lived on this island my whole life”. What if he really was on that island since the inception of the Hanso project. We all assumed he couldn’t have been since he would have to be an old man….but now that we’ve discovered time may not be what we thought it was.
    Also, perhaps the vaccines were not for some mystery illness. Perhaps they somehow regulated the body’s “timeline”.

  20. Bobbi says:

    Maybe when its all over, Juliette will find herself home BEFORE her sister’s baby is born…just as promised by Dr. Alpert.

    Another thought…remember the French woman (i apologize for forgetting her name) when she seemed almost surprised that it had been so long, 16 years. Of course it would make sense that someone alone on an island would lose track of time. But what if we also factor in the fact that she has NOT had the vaccines, perhaps her “time” is somewhat different than the “others”.

  21. Hammer says:

    I like all these time theories…it would explain a lot, but Lost has this knack of steering us in a direction then jerking the wheel out of our hands. πŸ™‚

  22. Carrie says:

    According to, mittelos is a German word: Indignant. On the (fake/genuine?)website in question, Jonas Mittelos’s bio says “the Mittelos family escaped Germany during World War II to the safety of Portland, Oregon”. If this is a fake…its pretty good. (but not very slick)

  23. Carrie says:

    haha…oops, i meant “indigent”

  24. Dave says:

    I’ve noticed something

    Ethan Rom, is an anagram for More Than
    and Mittelos is an anagram for Lost Time

    More Than Lost Time?

  25. Jeremy says:

    So is the site real or not. Geag Nations said it is fake, but they also said last summer that they had nothing to do with TLE (at lease in the begining). The site was registered weeks ago and obviously had good info. Anyone know anything else?

  26. shawn says:

    john locke

  27. Andrew says:

    Hmm.. I’ve thought about this quiet much….. it sure raises a few questions..

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