The Land of Lost Time

Lost Womb MRI Scan

It was right before my eyes and I didn’t see it!

When Dr.Richard Alpert was trying to convince Juliet to come work for Mittelos Bioscience he showed her MRI scans of a womb. After quickly examining the scans, Juliet says it’s a human womb and judging from the decomposition of the endometrium it’s probably from a woman somewhere in her 70s. To our surprise, Dr. Alpert reveals that the woman is only 26.

When Juliet asks what happened to the woman, Dr.Alpert replies by asking her if she would be interested in having complete freedom and money to find out.

Lost Time and Life-Extension

Let’s take a moment to think about this. Who is this woman and what happened to her?

When we think of a 26-year old woman, we think of someone who looks young and beautiful, like Kate. But what if the woman is 26 but has aged as much as a 70-year old?

I think we are starting to get closer to what Mittelos are really researching. As you might remember, Mittelos is an anagram for “Lost Time”.

What if people start ageing very fast once they come to, or more probably, once they leave the Lost island. Could this be how time is “lost” and the reason why people aren’t allowed to leave?

As you might also remember from The Lost Experience, one of the main areas of focus of The Hanso Foundation is life-extension. Maybe time is somehow slowed down on the island, through the use of electromagnetism or by other means, to extend the life of those who live there, but with the opposite effect once a person leaves the island.

Another theory which Lesley and Hammer started discussing in the comments of the previous post about Mittelos Bioscience is that one or more women on the island are infertile due to premature ageing of the womb.

We don’t know what such a condition could be caused by, but considering that Juliet is a fertility specialist, this could be an interesting theory.

Either way I think we have to start thinking about the possibility that there is something very strange going on with time on the Lost island since the writers have hinted at a time difference several times now. This is what Damon Lindelof said in a recent interview:

We know that the Others taped the Red Sox win the World Series in 2004… so that would seem to indicate that time flows the same both on and off. But then again, when the sky turns purple and the ground shakes… wait. Hold on. Carlton is wringing my neck.

Ever since the sky turned a bright violet, Desmond seems to be able to predict the future, but what if he is actually seeing the real time outside the island while the time on the island is delayed. That would mean that the events that happen on the island have already happened in the timeline outside the island.

I’ve researched the bright violet sky a bit, and if I’m not mistaken, it seems like a strong electromagnetic force, like the destruction of the hatch, could distort space and time according to Einstein’s theories. Did the explosion/implosion cause time to be delayed or was time already being delayed with some form of electromagnetic shield which is now gone?

My head is starting to spin and I’m getting confused, but next week’s Lost episode is apparently focusing on Desmond, so maybe it won’t take long until we find out what the time really is on Lost.

Until then, what do you make of all this? Is time on Lost distorted?

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37 Responses to The Land of Lost Time

  1. Tim says:

    All pretty much exactly what I thought watching it (just finished about 20 minutes ago). The 26 – 70 thing is too odd not to be significant.

  2. FMGreenSteve says:

    Something I’ve always thought was strange was that at the book club meeting, there was a lady there who appeared to be MUCH older than everyone else, and she seemed to nod in approval when Juliet stoods up for choosing ‘Carrie’ as her book.

    She can be seen in this image, with her back to the camera:

  3. Funston says:

    This is a very intriguing theory. Just from a production standpoint, it would also make a great deal of sense for if/when Malcolm David Kelley returns to the show as Walt. An obvious challenge was how to address the kid actor’s growing physical appearance, given that only a limited amount of time has actually passed since the series started. But if being off the island makes him age… heck, he could return as an full-fledged adult!

  4. JD says:

    This ties into one of my theories. The actor that plays Walt is obviously going to age very quickly during his time away from the show. On the show, time moving slower on the island would easily explain his quick growth when his character reappears.

  5. AnotherOther says:

    hmmmmm…. in a different post I saw that it was noted that in the Bible Rachel’s son was Benjamin (and she died giving birth to him). From last night’s episode we see that Rachel was pregnant and sick (or recovering from being sick). Maybe Ben is Rachel’s daughter, Juliet’s nephew. I know this doesn’t make sense, but with the freaky time changes on the island it might be possible.

  6. Pam says:

    I think time disortion by electromagnets makes more sense than anything else, not much sense in itself, but relatively more sense.

  7. JeffM says:

    I’ve always thought that some of the ‘others’ are actually from the future. The island is not only a physical island, but also a ‘time island’ Its a place where the others can view world events without interfeering with them, and attempt to solve some of their future problems (e.g. infertility). Hanso others had/have a different agenda when they discovered the island. The island is a piece of the future, an ‘island of the future’ that wasn’t meant to be visible. The losties plane was pulled to the island when Desmond let the shield down the first time.

    The computer could have been programmed to effectively push the button on its own on a timer, but then there would be no motivation to keep the system working – that needs the human problem solving factor to fix what might break.

  8. The Other White Meat says:

    The theory of time moving differently on the island is interesting, however, we have seen one occurrence in which an event on the island is recorded in the outside world…that is when Desmond turns the key and the sky turns purple. Remember the phone call to Penelope Widmore from the snowbound scientists? If, indeed, time was moving at a different pace then don’t you think we would see a significant age difference between Penelope and Des.

  9. Eric says:

    I’m reposting what I added after 1st show, season 3. More convinced than ever…

    “They are stuck in an eternal now. An electromagnetic tear in timespace.

    Desmond didn’t crash the plane, his slip up moved them through the fold. Desmond’s lady has waited for this “signature” to find her one love.

    Walt has some mastery over this. He was there before and appeared to the Others.

    The mishap at the Swan with Locke…something else has come through now too.

    A little heavy reading on elctromagnetism and the eternal now:

    How finely can we divide our little 3-second lives? The shortest perceivable time division – sensory psychologists call it the fusion threshold – is between 2 and 30 milliseconds (ms) depending on sensory modality. Two sounds seem to fuse into one acoustic sensation if they are separated by less than 2 to 5 milliseconds. Two successive touches merge if they occur within about 10 milliseconds of one another, while flashes of light blur together if they are separated by less than about 20 to 30 milliseconds.”

  10. FMGreenSteve says:

    Upon watching the episode again, I noticed that the kid guarding the building where Karl was locked up was reading “A Brief History Of Time” by Stephen Hawking.

  11. todd sanders says:

    well this sheds new light on ben’s “you never brought me soup” comment to julia. could he really be rachel’s son and juliet’s nephew that she took care of maybe when sick as a boy? this could also be why he is somewhat otherworldy and off. perhaps the drugs given to rachel altered his dna or somesuch?

  12. theOtherdave says:

    [quote comment=”38784″]well this sheds new light on ben’s “you never brought me soup” comment to julia. could he really be rachel’s son and juliet’s nephew that she took care of maybe when sick as a boy? this could also be why he is somewhat otherworldy and off. perhaps the drugs given to rachel altered his dna or somesuch?[/quote]

    And if so, maybe Rachel to Ben genetics gave him the perchant to cancer, thus the tumor. Hmmmmm……????? I like this ‘time’ theory. WAIT!!- Didn’t Juliette asked if Rachel could go with? So wouldn’t the family age at the same rate while on the island?
    I am a confuser of myself.

  13. lindsey says:

    I bet Ben had the tumor before he came to the island and it stopped growing or something while the magnet worked and since the purple sky it has started being a problem again.
    But then he did say he had always been there didn’t he? Crazy! But I love it!

  14. Andreas says:

    [quote comment=”38790″]WAIT!!- Didn’t Juliette asked if Rachel could go with? So wouldn’t the family age at the same rate while on the island?
    I am a confuser of myself.[/quote]

    Dr.Alpert said that Rachel couldn’t come since she wouldn’t have access to the treatment she needs (probably referring to her cancer).

  15. Castaway03 says:

    ^^^ And Ben could not have grown up into the that he is in the three years Juliet has been on the island.

    (Remember, Ben said he was born on the island… I’m assuming this to be true)

  16. downthehatch says:

    In Karl’s Re-Orientation video there are numerous mentions of “Everything Changes” and then shows the depiction of things that have evolved over time (money, audio recordings, religion etc). It’s also the same phrase Jin Says to Hurley while Hurley was dreaming and speaking Korean to Jin (who was standing next to a guy in a MR Clucks outfit blinking with the beeps). But the phase was “Everything Changes”. They’ve been hinting at this thing for a long time now.

  17. Lesley says:

    Great post Andreas! I feel like we are so close to a big revelation, but perhaps that will be the season closer! And it seems Tom was about to tell Jack they are currently “stuck”. I guess Juliet was not privy to that information since she believes she will soon be going home. Cannot wait for next week!

  18. lostfan says:

    this was my favorite episode ever!! omg, it was so interesting to see the past of one of the others. one thing i cant figure out is if ben is really alexs dad?? it would be rare, but anything could happen. and when ben was caught in the net, danielle was sooo sure he was an other. i think danielle and her team of scientists (hint hint) came to the island the same way juliet did, thinking they were only going to be there for 6 months (like juliet was supposed to) but they all turned into others except danielle. karl was obviously being seduced by them. they were trying to seduce him, thankfully sawyer and

  19. losty says:

    Pregnancy is now becoming a major theme in the show. Look back to the kidnapping of Clare and then Jin’s mysterious pregnancy and now juliet and her sister!
    I don’t remember it saying at any point that Rachel had cancer(maybe i am wrong).And in this show we have learned to take nothing for granted. The bald head could be from a radioactive/chemical treatment for infertility (unethical?) not cancer.

  20. Austin says:

    Alrighty, who has seen children of men? the idea is that the future of humanity is at stake because of a nil fertility rate. what are ways to fix this, make man live longer to give more time to fix the problem (or at least a colony so that a select few of the GOOD ones are around to repopulate. then to find a way to re fertilize these REALLY old people caught in time (referring to the separation of the island to the rest of society). something that supports this, Juliet’s sister wasn’t allowed to come to the island because they need as healthy as possible individuals so that an extended life would have fewer complications.

    oh and just another thing. i figure that ben may also be a subject in this experiment too. would the “evil others” really want one of their creations to be susceptible to cancerous tumors on the outset? no, this would probably be a complication from being relatively young and actually old at the same time or from being (possibly) genetically altered. yes i do think ben is a part of the experiment, and i bet there will be a few people that were born on the island (1. watch out claire, 2. he/they is/are genetically altered offspring) and that they are near royalty on the island given their “higher” status.

  21. Tara says:

    We still don’t know what truly happened to Kate when she was dressed in the frilly top and made to have breakfast with Ben. What did he offer her? Did they possibly inject her with the same drugs as Rachel, then let her get close enough to Sawyer to invite passion? If she becomes pregnant, it will seem that it’s a natural thing since she and Sawyer were together. Yet, fertility seems to be such a huge focus on this island, and Kate is a healthy young woman; I can’t imagine the Others would leave anything to chance. She was visibly upset when she was returned to her cage after spending time with Ben, and we don’t know what happened other than the creepy breakfast.

  22. rogerw says:

    How could Ben be the Rachel’s son?

    He looks like a 40+ man old
    Rachel was pregnant in 2001…
    Current Lost time is in 2004

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  24. Pam says:

    [quote comment=”38824″]I don’t remember it saying at any point that Rachel had cancer(maybe i am wrong).And in this show we have learned to take nothing for granted. The bald head could be from a radioactive/chemical treatment for infertility (unethical?) not cancer.[/quote]
    I don’t remember anyone saying that Rachel had cancer in the episode, but she did mention how she’ll have to get well to see her baby grow up. This doesn’t mean that she had/has cancer, but it’s a possibility.

  25. danny says:

    this is not a scholarly or scientific comment (in the lost blog sense of the term), but do we really know that kate is “a healthy young woman”? it’s certainly not coincidental that, in wed’s episode, her pregnancy test turns up negative. remember, she says to kevin “i could have had a baby!” why was she taking a pregnancy test if she wasn’t at least somewhat curious about the state of her fertility? maybe her plotline is headed towards fertility – but she could very well have been infertile before coming to the island.

  26. Tara says:

    Kevin – true, I assumed because Kate appears young and healthy that she is. We’ll have to see if Lost leads us down that path.

  27. darlabeaux says:

    I remember reading somewhere once about electromagnetic force resulting in the increase in the aging process and an increase in infertility, maybe this has some relevance to the story of Lost.

  28. Jen says:

    I was skeptical last week the first time I read this theory….but the more I think about it…I’m really starting to like it.

    Comment 5, posted 3 days, 23 hours ago – Quote and reply
    hmmmmm…. in a different post I saw that it was noted that in the Bible Rachel’s son was Benjamin (and she died giving birth to him). From last night’s episode we see that Rachel was pregnant and sick (or recovering from being sick). Maybe Ben is Rachel’s daughter, Juliet’s nephew. I know this doesn’t make sense, but with the freaky time changes on the island it might be possible.

  29. the slice says:

    i like the theory of time standing still on the island, either that or moving slower than normal… however, as a point of reference, does anyone know, or can anyone determine (through hints droped) when mr. eco’s flashback was? if we can place when the plane took off from nigeria, we can compare this to the decomposition of the bodies in the jungle, and then compare this to what the normal deterioration of a body in similar circumstances our time… or am i just overthinking this…haha

  30. the slice says:

    on second thought thats way to complicated. i guess im still subconsciously reeling from eco’s death…. wanted to keep him in the mix post-mortem

  31. MasterPo says:

    I think it’s obvious Kate will become pregnant. The question is was it by plan of the Others or just an “accident”.

  32. Hammer says:

    I think Ben planned it…he thought it was odd that she picked Sawyer…but after that…he planned it.

  33. ACog says:

    Here’s a half-baked theory I came up with after this episode, which relates to much of what you are discussing here…the theory has been complicated somewhat by the Desmond episode, but I think it may still hold some water when blended with your theories above:

    Perhaps the Dharma Initiative had something to do with making human beings immortal. A cure for death, so to speak. Of course it could not make you impervious to bullets and the like, but perhaps they found a way to halt the aging process and keep people from dying of “natural causes.” I’m no scientist, but perhaps there’s something about the island itself, the electromagnetism, etc. that helps to enable all of this….or at least render the island “invisible” so the experiment can continue undetected. This anti-aging theory would explain any discrepancies between how people look and how old they actually are…the weird X-Ray of the womb…the focus of this episode on “time.” In effect, the Dharma folks may have found a way to halt the effects of time, without stopping time itself. Perhaps the curative properties of the island somehow play into this theory, though I have not figured out how…

    However, an unanticipated side effect of the experiment may be that it renders the people infertile. In other words, they don’t age outwardly, but they ultimately can’t reproduce. Perhaps this was by design, because you’d quickly have an overpopulation problem if people stopped dying but kept breeding. Maybe the Others (or at least some of them) are the leftovers of those experiments and have since drawn in others to deal with the infertility problem…enter Juliette and her magical ability to impregnate the unimpregnate-able. It may also explain why the Others are so interested in Kate and Sawyer…because they were voted “most likely to fornicate.” Also, Claire and Sun already being preggo…the interest in Walt and the other children…and the lack of kids in Other-topia.

    Now, if you found a cure for death, you’d want to make sure the people you had around were “good” and not likely to cause trouble. This could help explain the “lists” of the good people and all of the good/evil/redemption undertones of the show. The lack of death would render current religions and their theories of an afterlife less effective as a form of moral guidance…but you’d still need some sort of moral code. A “new religion.” This may account for all of the semi-religious themes, etc.

    Obviously, I don’t have it fully worked out, but thought it was worth consideration. A couple of questions though:

    – Not sure how Benry’s life-threatening tumor fits into the above theory. If the electromagnetism has something to do with the curative/anti-aging power of the island, maybe the implosion of the hatch and the subsequent fail-safe measure by Desmond f-d everything up and accelerated Ben’s decline.

    – Not sure how the Others move so freely between the island and the rest of the world. For Ethan to be able to go recruit Juliette, etc. Must mean there are people on the “outside” helping them…Tom made some reference to how they could not take Benry to a specialist in the real world after “the sky turned purple,” but I’m not sure why.

    At any rate, I think the overall mystery has to be something “big” like a cure for death…or since the Desmond episode, maybe a wrinkle in the time-space continuum that allows people to go back and correct their mistakes (or try anyway).

    I am sure there are many holes in my theory, but I’ll be interested to hear what others think.

  34. lost chicka says:

    i like the time theory. it makes sense since the show is still stuck in 2004. i’ve thought about that theory ever since hurley & sayied were playing with one of the radios and heard some music playing and sayied’s like “it could be coming from anywhere” & hurley says “or anytime…” that’s a very freaky line i think.

  35. alan says:

    the links to charcters .i.e hurley,s on the t.v in jins room means that the passengers that crashed are all from the same time line. Ethan, visiting juliet, and still appearing young in the three years she has been there, when the survivors arrive, renders the ageing thing a bit thin. Also, unless the recording of juliets sister was just that, it would appear that time is running at the same pace. The only real theory is that time can be manipulated. I would draw attention to all the vehicles found on the island. the old galleon boat, the air balloon, the single plane, the old boat walt went off in, the yacht, the volks wagon van and now a passenger air liner. All of these have been revealed to us and depict different time frames, however, the volkswagon came from somewhere and is the only thing that could not have travelled by any means to the island by itself ( needing to be shipped or flown in ) which would support the fact they can leave the island and have contact in a relevant, similar timeline. Question though, why are the palletts being delivered if all Dharma people are gone? Why do they not know they are all gone. I think Lockes button pressing after the Mikail incident will see an arrival en masse of Dharma staff and then the survivors will have to join the others in order to survive the scientific experiments as opposed to the socialogical/humane ones ben is subjecting them to.

  36. alan says:

    p.s hence ben’s comments, “we’re the good guys”

  37. Alvar Hanso says:

    A good start on things. DHARMA Phase II should give you more to work on.


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