Easter Eggs galore

I’ve been away for a while on the writing side, and back to post about this most interesting episode. My own thoughts are that this is one of the most interesting episodes to come around for a while, not only from a storyline-expanding perspective, but also character development.

I still scour the forums and fansites pretty religiously, and thought I’d post about all the interesting Easter Eggs I’ve seen up since late Wednesday night. You may be aware of some of them, but there were a LOT, some quite interesting.

     Companies we’ve seen before:

  • An Apollo Candy ad was on the side of the bus that hit Edmund Burke (Juliet’s ex); for those who recall The Lost Experience, Alvar Hanso bought this company out of bancruptcy in the ’70s.
  • Widmore Labs also made the pregnancy test that Rachel (Juliet’s sister) took.
  • Oceanic plane flew over Miami apartment where Rachel lived.
  • Books:

  • Carrie (Stephen King) was on Rachel’s nightstand. Many probably recall that this is Juliet’s favorite book, used in her book club in “A Tale of Two Cities” (so now, we probably know why it’s so sentimental to her).
  • A Brief History of Time (Stephen Hawking nonfiction popular astrophysics book) was being read by Aldo, the Other who was guarding Karl.
  • Religious references:

  • A lamp was also on Rachel’s nightstand that had the yin-yang symbol, and the 8-sided bagua motif (the DHARMA symbol is basically a bagua, a yin-yang with surrounding hexagram symbols)
  • One of the phrases in the slideshow Karl was forced to watch (yes, in Room 23!) was “God loves you as He loved Jacob”, a reference to the Biblical story of brothers Jacob and Essau, and of course, the third mention of Jacob in the Lost series (he is the unknown Other who made “The Lists”).
  • Some of the other phrases are taken from Buddhist mantras and sutra: “Plant a good seed, and you will gather fruit,” “Think about your life,” and “Everything changes.” Read full translations of the Buddhist Dhammapada.
  • The audio of Karl’s bizarre brainwashing scene, when played backwards, reveals a woman’s voice saying “Only fools are enslaved by time and space.” The interesting thing about this is that it too is a version an old Buddhist saying, “The wise know how to use time and space perfectly; they lead free and harmonious lives. Fools are enslaved by time and space; they are busy running around all day. Wise or foolish, the difference is obvious.”
  • More time references:

  • As Andreas pointed out below, Mittelos is an anagram for “Lost Time” (but yes, the website is a confirmed fan-made hoax). The origin of the source confirming significance is probably not known to everyone–it’s from Damon Lindelof comments at an exclusive January prescreening of the episode (I believe at Harvard University), and also Carlton Cuse comments in a recent Entertainment Weekly interview. Andreas I think had one of the interview quotes below (in his excellent theory article); read more of them here in the Lostpedia article on the theme of “time”. This article also has a listing of some other time references seen lately, including the two from above (Hawking book, and backwards speech).
  • Well, it looks like The Powers That Be are getting back to the things that the Lost audience really looks forward to, like the Easter Egg hunts. But what do you make of all these things?

    I can tell you that I personally am a little conflicted by the time motif. While the thought of nonlinear timelines on the show would make it very interesting from a sci-fi standpoint, this seems to conflict with Season 1 statements the writers have made that time travel was not an explanation for the show. What do you think?

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    1. Paolo says:

      well, time-traveling IS NOT time bending, isn’t it?
      Note that Aldo was studying a chapter regarding black holes and space-time bending…

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    3. todd says:

      Does anyone have any idea where I could possibly download the new episode of lost (not in portland). Im trying to put it on my psp but i cannot find it anywhere to download for free. I checked limewire and every other place i could think of. DOES ANYONE KNOW????

    4. Andreas says:

      Todd, you can buy the episodes on iTunes or watch them online on ABC.com.

      Please do not discuss illegal downloads on The Lost Blog.

    5. PlanetLOST says:

      FYI, if anyone’s interested in a breakdown of all the separate images that were in the film, check this out:


      There’s lots of good stuff in there, including the Hanso picture from the ‘Experience’ and the ‘evil eye amulet’ as one of my readers pointed out…

    6. todd says:

      Sorry Andreas.

    7. JeffM says:

      Time travel likely to feature in all this. As I said previsously, I think that at least some of the others are from the future.

    8. Daniel says:

      todd, email me youngyd_07@hotmail.co.uk i can help 🙂 you find your show..lool

    9. frenchy_florims says:

      Well, I think “time” is definitely the key to the lost mystery. I am grateful to the Lost writers to give this answer.

      Did someone mention that Sun’s pregnancy could be linked to all this womb medical cases ? If not, so here is my idea.

      Beyond all the theories, I’d like to say I am really happy about Juliet character who is the best success of this season. She’s a great substitute to Kate, as Jack’s lover.

      I am also quite satisfied that Sawyer and Kate are going back to the main island. This gonna give back to the “old losties” all the focus they deserve in the show.

      I feel like the third season is really beginning now !

      Yet, audience rates were below previous “mini-season 3 finale” … I wanna say two things abuot that.
      First “CSI” was also shattered and its audience rate decreased last wednesday.
      Second, although some American shows like “Doctor House” or “Grey’s anatomy” or “Criminal minds” etc. may currently have a better success, they are absolutely unknown outside the USA, whereas Lost is an international success (so as “24”).
      I was in Japan this summer and even there they have Lost dvd’s all over their videostores.

      ps : andreas, man, I download all the episodes illegaly cause in France I should wait until June to see episodes on TV with fakes voices speaking French … am I to blame ?

    10. Cecilia says:

      Frenchy: Shhh 😉 (Don’t worry, I don’t think anyone cares here personally, but it’s more that we can’t officially endorse it here for liability issues)

    11. Toni says:

      btw, i was just reading howard zinn’s “a people’s history” and came across the following quote:

      “…the English conservative and opponent of the French Revolution, Edmund Burke, who had written in his “Reflections on the Revolution in France” that “a woman is but an animal, and an animal not of the highest order.””

      I think they chose this name for his character simply as a reference towards the way he treats women… his ex-wife… his mother (recall the phone conversation shortly before he died).

    12. cheese says:

      i picked up on 90 % of the Eggs,
      how ever im a little confussed about a comment i made on the Dr who interviewed juliet, i said he was or could be the Patch guy, however after a re watch of the show i rechecked this eyes, and saw it was normal apart from the eye make up, lol,
      but im confused , is their any others that feel the same,.

    13. AnotherOther says:

      Those are good. I didn’t catch most of those, probably because I don’t have HD TV. 😦

    14. Emma says:

      I think everyone is forgetting about Rose.. Did her Cancer not desapear once on the Island I assume Bens tumour is cancer related.. why didn’t the island cure his cancer? And also where are they keeping all the kids??

    15. Acacia says:

      The guy in Australia said that he couldn’t fix Rose’s cancer because the healing spot there was not the right one for her (implying that there are several, and they might not all work equally well for a given person or illness). Maybe the one on the island (if there is something similar there) is the one for Rose, but not for Ben.

      I have been wondering for a while if Sun got pregnant because something about the island healed Jin’s reproductive system… then again, maybe it’s just that other guy’s baby.

    16. MasterPo says:

      I have always said I think there are 2 groups of Others. One is Ben’s group. The other is a more ferral “Lord of the Flies” group. Jin and Eko saw them in the forrest. Perhaps driven mad some how by thier experiences on the island. Maybe even they are descendents of the Black Rock or other people who have come to the island and survived all these years.

    17. Mel says:

      When they were showing the lives of people before the plane crash, who was on the milk carton. They were showing Hurley on TV winning the lottery and someone was sitting holding a milk carton with a missing persons photo. It looked like Walt? I know this might really be a silly question but it is really bugging me. Please be kind.

    18. Mel says:

      Me again, I need to correct something. I looked at what I had taped and it is Walt on the milk carton, but it’s Hurley holding the milk carton in the food locker. Jin is standing there and Jin still has the handcuff on his one wrist. It is before Walt and Micheal would have been allowed to leave the island. Who reported Walt missing?

    19. Pam says:

      [quote comment=”39375″]Me again, I need to correct something. I looked at what I had taped and it is Walt on the milk carton, but it’s Hurley holding the milk carton in the food locker. Jin is standing there and Jin still has the handcuff on his one wrist. It is before Walt and Micheal would have been allowed to leave the island. Who reported Walt missing?[/quote]

      I think the scene with Hurley in the food locker was a dream of Hurley’s.

    20. did you figure out the meaning of the name Aldo the gaurd of the building karl was in. the name aluded to Aldolus Huxley see wiki for details. the name of the interviewer from mittelos is also that of a real person who’s non given name is Ram dass. both of those people met in real life. For details see wiki.

    21. Monica says:

      [quote comment=”39193″]Time travel likely to feature in all this. As I said previsously, I think that at least some of the others are from the future.[/quote]

      1. Remember during the book club, the older woman ‘Amelia’? She seems out of place due to her age…also, she gave Juliet many ‘knowing’ looks, acknowledgments perhaps, before and during the book club. Perhaps Amelia is from the future, checking up on how well the ‘Others’ are faring, running ‘the experiment’ or whatever it is they are doing…

      2. As other people on the blog have said – maybe this is how Dharma/Others are controlling/experimenting with the future/future events (with people being in the past, present and future on the island. A good way to test if changes in the Valenzetti equation end up working or not!

      3. Maybe Desmond just opened the fold in time when the plane crashed, and in fact did not crash the plane (it was planned to crash – is the black smoke seen in the breakup scene actually tearing the fuselage apart?). This messes with their little ‘experiment in a time bubble’. The look on Ben’s face was ‘oh da__ it, now look what they have done!!!’ when the sky turned purple.

      4. If the electromagnetism on the island creates sterility in humans (and also animals? how come there are such limited numbers of them – note, no bugs), what a great way to control population growth, i.e. change the one of the numbers in the Valenzetti equation?

      Interesting coincidence (?): last night I saw this mentioned on TV…has to do with the word ‘Mittlewerk’:


      …”The Germans built the weapon at a large underground facility called Mittlewerk that was staffed with slave labor transferred from the Buchenwald concentration camp. Conditions at the facility were horrific, and thousands of prisoners died due to malnutrition, disease, exhaustion, or hangings by camp guards.”

    22. cheese says:

      an other thing i noticed when Tom was chatting to jack, he mentioned about the purple sky in relation to the question why he couldnt leave,( to take ben to help) however we never got to hear the answer, however, the sky didnt turn purple till the others had already traped the plane group, ie jack, hurley , kate and sawyer this seemed a litte confusing about be able to take ben for help, as ben found out he had this tumour before the plane crashed, i belive it was a couple of days till the others had their list with names, other point is that we heard about jacobs lists is this in relation too the lists that ethan and the peace core guy had or another list , cos jack was not on jacobs list, so i guess it was from ethans list that they googled or had the spys on the main land to research the plane crash people, LOL>>>

      lost major mind twister. }

    23. Andreas says:

      We don’t really know much about Jacob or his list. You do have a point about the purple sky though. I really want to find out what caused it and what effect it had on the island. Can’t wait till we get more clues!

    24. Sup, just found your site on yahoo. You have a bunch of awesome posts.

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