Lost viewers on Valentine's

Jon at The Tailsection has written a good article on the way the press is reporting on Lost’s recent “drop in ratings”.

Here we go again. There is a huge contingent of writers in the media that keep a fork and knife ready just waiting for LOST to slip up… so naturally the two-million viewer drop this Wednesday was ample fodder for the naysayers to come out with their coy ‘Is LOST ‘Losing’ it’ lingo, and their twisted world-view of a fan-base backing away from the show in droves, pissed off at its inability to solve the mysteries.

Sure, Lost was viewed by two-million less viewers last Wednesday, but all shows lost viewers. Last Wednesday was Valentine’s day, and if those two million couldn’t watch their favorite show because they were on a romantic date I’m just happy for them!

In the current world of TiVo’s and digital downloads people have the possibility to watch their favorite shows whenever they want to. I don’t think Lost “lost” viewers, they probably just watched the recorded or download episode the next day. Maybe it’s time to start counting viewers in a modern way that takes our current ways of watching “television” into consideration?

Jon also discusses our impact, as fans, on what is written about Lost:

This smear, uses us to back its point. And that is wrong. Any article that cites ‘Message boards overflowing with frustrated fans’ is an article the LOST web community brought into being. It’s time to ask ourselves, are we fans of LOST or not? And if we are, why aren’t we acting like it? Why are we the catalyst for countless articles bashing our show into the ground… and what can we do to turn the tide. It’s easy… get a grip…

I have to agree. We fans need to speak up and let the world know that we love the show. That doesn’t mean that we can’t complain when we dislike something, but we shouldn’t be quiet when we like something either. Personally I really love Lost at the moment. The last two episodes have been top notch so I’m certainly not complaining.

What really bothers me though is that these articles about how Lost has “lost it” almost always contain phrases like “on the popular fansites and forums, those who previously loved the show are complaining about…”. If I’m not mistaken, the popular Lost sites are Lost-Media, The Tailsection, 4815162342.com, DarkUFO, Lostpedia, this site, and maybe a few others.

I keep an eye on most of the larger sites in the community and I haven’t really seen that many complaints. Certainly not compared to the amount of positive comments about Lost, so it would be interesting to hear where all these “complaining fans” are?

My point is, don’t worry about these articles on how “Lost is losing it”. There are a lot of us who really enjoy the show and it won’t be canceled any time soon. Just enjoy the ride!

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  1. scott says:

    Your point about alternative means to watch shows today is key. My wife and I never watch Lost on time. We always Tivo it and watch it when we can be comfortable and totally engaged.

    The other point is that the media is oversaturated in general, so everything becomes a huge story (see Anna Nicole Smith). I just filter it out. Hopefully, ABC will as well.

  2. Jeff says:

    Don’t forget the The Fuselage, where the poll for “Flashes Before Your Eyes” showed that 85% of fans rated that episode as an 8, 9, or 10 out of 10. Viewers who stuck with the show are being rewarded with great storytelling, and those fans should spend their time bringing the lost sheep 😛 back into the fold. I agree with Andreas – ignore the media, and give them a new story to tell: how Lost regained its stride in the Spring season.

  3. sooo says:


  4. William says:

    When does the media ever report the truth or the full story? There is always a political bias or a personal opinion or some agenda.

    When Lost fans from the sites you list complain about the show, it is because they love Lost and are giving constructive criticism. And you’re right, the dominating opinion on the forums and blogs is hugely positive. Leave it to the media to pick out, twist around and blow out of proportion the one or two negative posts they find.

  5. Mona says:

    I love “LOST.” I am an avid reader of sci-fi series that span several books and “LOST” is following that style. It helps to see the characters as more than just actors.
    For those stating that “LOST” has lost it’s viewers, I say the media is always looking for a story somewhere, no matter how thin the facts are.
    I, also, am one who sometimes cannot watch it at the time it airs on TV. I watch it from the LOST site. I wouldn’t miss a night if I could help it.

  6. Luke says:

    Very good point. I talked with several of my coworkers, and I was surprised to find that even though they are big Lost fans they rarely watch it the same night it airs.

    One lady I talked to said that the 10pm airing was just to late for her and she would just Tivo it and watch it next day. Another one told me she usually watches it via her cable’s “on-demand” service.

    However, I think that taking the “love it or leave it” approach is wrong. I think complaining is exactly the right thing for fans to do. Casual viewers do not care enough about the show to go on message boards and voice their objections. They just stop watching, and their departure is visible via Nielsen numbers dropping.

    Of course the dropping numbers of viewers are difficult to diagnose. The creators of the show might notice them, but they usually don’t know why the show is slipping.

    And this is where we come in. We scream, we whine, and speak out minds on public boards. We say what we don’t like about the show, what would we like to be changed and etc.. If the creators want to know why the numbers are slipping, they just need to look at what the fans are saying.

    So I thing complaining is a good thing. It gives the people in charge an idea of what would please the audiences. Right now we want answers, and it seems that this message got through to the creative team, as they are now talking about setting an end date for the show and thus give themselves an incentive to resolve all the mysteries and write a compelling, ending. 🙂

  7. Maurice Tift says:

    I think LOST is the best TV serial drama in the history of TV and suspect that the ratings after Valentine’s Day will increase.

    However, I did hear that newspaper readership was down 🙂

    Will newspaper readership continue to decline??

    Will there be newspapers next year??

    How many years are left for the print press??

  8. frenchy_florims says:

    I AM UPSET !

    Guys let me tell you the story. I have just seen the latest episode “flashes before your eyes” and I am coming immediately to my favourite lost site to read some comments.
    You know why ?
    Because this episode was AMAZING, one of the best I have ever seen : how could American people not watch this wonderful episode and prefer the dumb CSI ?

    I have to say sometimes I might be not enthusiastic about one episode but for this one I just have one thing to say : “WOW !!”.
    It was so moving, so fascinating, I can’t even find words to express the magic I felt watching it.

    For me Lost is definitely the best TV show ever.

    You know what worries, maybe it’s too good to please lots of people. There is too many depth in the thoughts conveyed by the show.

    I am so amazed by the question of FATE in the show : this is a real philosophical topic here.
    And the answers given by the writters mean so much to me, I believe in the Lost philosophy.

    I should also confess that Desmond is my favourite character, and in my mind his story is the greatest of all the losties.
    Yet, please my beloved American friends, watch the F… commercials on wednesday night so that the show could last forever and … make money for ABC !!!!!

  9. Dana says:

    I think that Lost is NOW and always has been the best show on TV. Ratings decline? With so many options available for accessing the show, what do you expect. I think that the numbers were pretty impressive for Valentine’s Day.

    Flashes Before Your Eyes was the most brilliantly crafted Lost episode yet!!!!!!! It’s curious how there can be so much negativity in the press when everyone I know is raving about how good it is!

  10. cheese says:

    i love the lost show, only on a few shows like the last one, im a hugh ses fan but it bleed to much, i guess it part of the story line to future shows, aprt from the odd show, im big fan of the series,

    the way shows and radio r polled is rubbish., i know this due to ive worked in radio a long time. and have had no 1 radio show for 3 years straight, (drum N bass).
    polls r done in differnt ways, the core who do these rateings seem to go thru the same source, and yes over time SOME people lose interest,,
    the people who make these BOLD statements on million lost , ur blind to the internet, they must be back in the days of typewriter, i was their.,
    yes the internet downloads and TIVO r the way the near future is going, one is cos the time zones in the us and also the overseas viewer who sees lost 3 to 6 months later,

  11. AnotherOther says:

    Valentines Day almost got in the way of LOST for me, too, but I managed.

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