Two Lost crew members died last week

I just read over at The Honolulu Advertiser that two members of the Lost production crew on Hawaii died of apparent heart attack last week.

One crew member died after collapsing on the set and the other died while driving home from work. The series is filmed in Hawai’i.

The studio confirmed the two deaths but declined to discuss details.

“We are saddened by this tragic loss of life and our thoughts are with their families,” said an ABC spokeswoman, who declined to be named.

Lost isn’t just the beautiful actors we see on the screen each week, but also a group of devoted crew members who create the illusion we all know as “Lost”.

I’m saddened by this tragic news, and even though we don’t know them by name, I hope that the thoughts of Lost fans all over the world are with their families.

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2 Responses to Two Lost crew members died last week

  1. Maurice Tift says:

    prayers for the co-workers and families

  2. Elis says:

    Quienes murieron? No entiendo nada! Por favor alguien que aclare esto…

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