Perrineau hopes to get Lost again

Lost's Michael

According to, Harold Perrineau recently talked about the possibility of reprising his role as Michael on Lost:

“It was interesting that they were going to let this character go off and be a part of the real world, and i thought that was going to be a cool way to connect the two sides back, I really hope we get to finish it, rather then have him sail away”

If the quote can be verified, this is some good news considering the recent talk of Harold Perrineau being cast in another series. I know a lot of us want to know what happened to Michael and Walt so let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that things go the way the writers want.

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6 Responses to Perrineau hopes to get Lost again

  1. MasterPo says:

    If the whole question of what happend to Michael and Walt, did they “find rescue”, and does Michael ever get some kind of punishment for killing the women go unanswered – just sailed off into the sunset – that will be a total failure of the producers IMO.

  2. AnotherOther says:

    Yeah, I agree MasterPo, there has to be more to it than that. And I’ll bet there is. Even if he does get rescued and he goes back to the real world, there are still alot of questions to be answered. Like, what about and his “gift” for instance. I hope they can work something out so he comes back.

  3. Eng says:

    Jack might meet Michael and Walt when he gets “home”.

  4. shawdawg32 says:

    ha! I knew they were still around.

  5. spinpapi says:

    Vincent: Grrrr… *pant, pant* Woof! Woof-woof!!! =]

  6. ACog says:

    I couldn’t care less about what happened to the one-dimensional Michael and Walt, but agree that it can’t be left unresolved.

    My suspicion is that, before the end of this season (or perhaps as it’s “cliffhanger”) we will see the “real world” intruding on the island. I believe this has been set up by a couple of things, including:

    – The end of last season, where Penny is notified by the researchers that “we found it.” I take this to mean that the explosion of the hatch and the ensuing depletion of the electromagnetic field around the island has made it “visible” to the outside world. She will come looking for Desmond.

    – Michael and Walt’s departure to the real world.

    – The talk of Jack and Juliet being allowed to leave the island.

    We may even see the Losties being forced into some sort of alliance with the Others in defense of the island. Who knows…

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