Lost writers discuss upcoming Hurley episode

Lost writers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis who wrote this week’s upcoming Hurley centric Lost episode “Tricia Tanaka is Dead” recently shared some thoughts with SciFi Wire:

“What’s exciting about the next one is it’s really in the tradition of some Hurley episodes, like ‘Everybody Hates Hugo,'” said Kitsis, who co-wrote the episode with Horowitz. “It’s kind of a lighter episode. It’s emotional, but what also, I think, people will really be excited about is we’re back on the beach. You’ll definitely get another piece of Hurley backstory.”

“And I would say, make sure you watch ’til the very last second,” Horowitz added.

The two Lost writers have become quite good at telling stories about Hurley:

“Adam and I are lucky enough that this is our third Hurley story,” Kitsis said. He and Horowitz also wrote ‘Dave’ and ‘Everybody Hates Hugo.’ They say that they’ve become the Hurley specialists on the show.

“We fell in love with him, and we tell everyone to back off,” Horowitz said with a laugh. “We love writing for Hurley. … It’s a challenge coming up with any story, but the truth is, actually, the story this week was something that was conceived a really long time ago. So it was one of those stories we’ve been waiting to tell.”

Both “Dave” and “Everybode Hates Hugo” were really good Lost episodes, so I’m very much looking forward to see how Hurley’s story continues.

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10 Responses to Lost writers discuss upcoming Hurley episode

  1. AnotherOther says:

    Watch till the last second?! Wow! Whatta tease! Can’t wait for some more Hurley!

  2. Andreas says:

    Personally I was planning to watch everything but the last 5 minutes of the episode, but now I’m convinced to watch until the end 😉

  3. spinpapi says:

    Actually, I was ONLY going to watch the last second of the show…but now that they’ve said it’s a fun Hurley episode, I’m thinking maybe I’ll watch the whole thing. =]

  4. Wild Bill says:

    I am excited about a Hurley episode. I am one the ones who feels the show is on a decline but not ready to give up just yet. The Hurley episodes have always been my favorite. If they cannot get this one right there is no hope.

  5. hopeful says:

    I did not like the first half of the season, but the first two episodes of this segment were wonderful. After the jack centric episode I was a bit turned off. But I’m definitely looking to the future: Hurley followed by Sayid and a Locke centric episode promised coming soon…I must say I remain hopeful.

  6. Toeknee says:

    I guess they had to say “watch ’til the last second” because the montage bit before the Kate-Rousseau scene seemed like the typical conclusion to a typical TV show, so they thought people might change the channel immediately after that? I don’t know. That aspect of this episode reminded me of the season finale last year, how the main story of the episode was resolved, but they added a scene at the end to set up for future episodes.

  7. Charlie Hepburn says:

    Denis should play and sing part if not all of Dougie McLean’s song Caledonia in a later episode. He even sounds like the singer songwriter?

  8. Malama John says:

    In season 2, episode 3 Everybody Hates Hugo, we had met the sales clerk who had sold the winning ticket to Hurley and also appeared in his dream in a chicken suit. Is he going to reappear in any future episode ?

  9. J. Romano says:

    Yeah man, whatever happened to that 7-11 sales clerk who shouted,”That’s the Guy!” after spotting Hurley in his car outside the store. Please bring him back!

  10. R. S. Kamtam says:

    Chicken man !Chicken man !Chicken man !Chicken man !Chicken man !Chicken man !Chicken man !Chicken man !Chicken man !Chicken man !Chicken man !Chicken man !Chicken man !Chicken man !Chicken man !Chicken man !Chicken man !Chicken man !

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