Lost writers sign deal through 2010

Variety reports that Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis who wrote last night’s Lost episode “Tricia Tanaka is Dead” have signed a overall deal with with Lost production company ABC Television Studio (formerly Touchstone Television) through 2010:

“Lost” co-exec producers Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have inked a mid-seven figure overall deal that will keep them on the ABC Television Studio island through 2010.

Three-year pact calls for the scribes to continue on “Lost,” rising to exec producers by the second year of the deal. They’ll also create and develop new projects for the studio.

I’m really happy for Adam and Edward since they have proven to be great writers with a nice sense of humor. The fact that they have signed a deal through 2010 worried me a bit at first, since I’m not sure that Lost could maintain the high quality if stretched out to 6 or 7 seasons. However, after having a closer look, the deal could just mean that they will be working for ABC television, and not necessarily on Lost until 2010.

We’ll see what happens. Either way, I’m happy for Adam and Ed!

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13 Responses to Lost writers sign deal through 2010

  1. gostaria de saber quando saira a 3º temporada de lost pois sou do brazil

  2. Jeff says:

    This episode was the worst!!! If Msrs. Horowitz and Kitsis persist with such stilted, Godot-like dialogue and humor, this show is dead (maybe it is already). Jeez, first the new timeslot and now this. Lost is getting more lost by the episode. Someone needs to revisit founding principles.

  3. patience says:

    your in the wrong thread.

  4. Ola Kamel says:

    I am really trying to remain a loyal LOST fan but they are making it difficult! I didn’t even mind the 10 o’clock time change but now I’m wondering if it’s even worth staying up for anymore. I will admit that last nights episode was better than last weeks forgetable disappointment. But now there are WAY too many loose ends and by the time they even start to throw us a bone, we are almost not even interested in it anymore and are awaiting a new bone. I do like that Rousseau is being brought in to get Alex (and of course help save Jack) but I’m not too fond of changing Charlie to such a depressing character. And what about Claire (I almost still remember her) has she just faded away? Are we EVER going to find out where Walt and Michael went? Rather than bringing in new (and much less interesting) characters lets stick with the old ones. Let’s continue seeing their flashbacks (if it is RELAVENT) but make sure that we find out at least ONE new and interesting (key word here is INTERESTING) fact a week!

  5. Jimmy says:

    Umm, if those guys are responsible for the last couple of episodes I’m not very excited or happy.

  6. Shockwave says:

    Please, everyone take a deep breath and relax. Realize that all shows have bad episodes. It is impossible for a great show like Lost to maintain it’s excellence episode after episode. There are going to be stinkers (referring to the tattoo episode). I happen to have liked last week’s Hurley episode. I thought the meteor was a bit over the top but funny none the less. Season 3 got off to a slow start but the “Flashes before your eyes” episode proved the writers still got it. I admit that Season 3 (so far) has been disappointing but have faith in the writers. By the time the Season 3 finale rolls around, people will be wondering what they will do for 4 months until the Season 4 premier.

  7. Bruce says:

    Enter 77 better be mystery-breakingly good!

  8. Hammer says:

    I sure hope so, maybe we can start an “Enter 77” complaint thread now and get it over with before Wednesday so we don’t have to read through them on Thursday. 🙂

  9. Andreas says:

    Horowitz and Kitsis are not responsible for “the last few episodes”, they wrote this week’s episode “Tricia Tanaka is Dead”, and personally, I really enjoyed it. Apart from last week’s “Stranger in a Strange Land”, the episodes in season 3 have been top notch in my opinion, so I don’t really see why people are complaining.

    My guess is that people have extremely high expectations on Lost, because if compared to other shows, Lost clearly kicks some ass. It’s hard to release mind-blowing episodes each week.

  10. Hammer says:

    On point Andreas.

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  12. frenchy_florims says:

    Wednesday episode was GREAT ! It was really funny, I don’t understand people who criticize it : do they expect each week big twists, it’s ludicrous ’cause Lost is not “24” ! And that’s one big hardship which face 24, too much clifhangers become repetitive and boring …

    This episode was almost a comedy and it made me laugh. So ok maybe I understand if some expected to be fascinated, this was not their evening.
    But if you really love the characters, it was great, Sawyer came back as the nicest guy on TV, Hurley the best DUDE, Charlie the kindest. I was so glad to see Sayid again ! This man needs action, he’s a damned warrior !

    Really touching episode because we could see the losties in their human qualities which was uncommon since season one.
    Scenes between Sawyer and Jin were outstanding.

    We want more of it !

  13. cheese says:

    good for the boys to 3 more years worth or work, it may be lost or other projects, , theses chaps dont work on 1 thing,

    if lost go to 6 esp so be it, The sopranos is up to 7 soon,however if its 3 more years of lost some people i guess will get a little jack, and stop watching, but as long as good stuff happens on the way and release sweet stuff, unreal i say,

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