Damon and Carlton explain The Lost Experience

My friend Jon from The Tailsection, who also writes for BuddyTV, was lucky enough to get an interview with Lost writers and exec producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse a few days ago.

I really like the interview since Jon asks some questions that I know many fans have been wanting answers to for quite some time. Among the things discussed is the importance of The Lost Experience:

BuddyTV: Is there enough information given on the show that someone could put together a fact-based theory that more or less explains what’s going on, on the island?

Carlton Cuse: I don’t think so, I mean, the story is not yet complete. I don’t think there’s enough that we’ve put out there that would allow someone to draw a conclusive theory about the island and the show.

Damon Lindelof: I think that there are bits and pieces that someone could put together. Recently Carlton and I put out to the Yahoo community all over the world, what do you think the monster is? And some people came alarmingly close to what its origins were, how it functions, what its purpose is, but they weren’t able to go the next level as Carlton says, deeper into saying, “That’s what it is but what does that mean in the grander scheme of what the island is.” It doesn’t mean that someone couldn’t accidentally back into it and anticipate something that they haven’t seen yet. But sort of the real hardcore intel about the island is going to start to reveal itself towards the end of the season as we learn more about the others.

BuddyTV: One thing that’s a bit of controversy in the fan community is whether or not any of the information from The Lost Experience game is actually a factor in the universe of the show. Is that something you could clear up for us?

Carlton Cuse: I think that for us, yeah, I mean, all of Alvar Hanso and his relationship with funding the Dharma Initiative is part of the mythology. The details of the Hanso Foundation’s demise…it’s tangential to the show but it’s not unrelated to the show. We sort of felt like the Internet Experience was a way for us to get out mythologies that we would never get to I wain the show. I mean, because this is mythology that doesn’t have an effect on the character’s lives or existence on the island. We created it for purposes of understanding the world of the show but it was something that was always going to be sort of below the water, sort of the iceberg metaphor, and the Internet Experience sort of gave us a chance to reveal it.

Damon Lindelof: I would say in terms of all the… background that we did, in terms of the Valenzetti equation and explaining the formation of the Hanso Foundation and doing the other films…we’d consider that stuff cannon to the show. Where there’d have to be wiggle room is the Rachel Blake story where she’s in the real world, in the outside world as we define it, the show Lost might be defined in an entirely different outside world so we can’t vouch for the overall fit ability and veracity of everything that Rachel was doing. But we can say that all the factoids that she was uncovering were vetted, in fact many of them were written by us personally so they are cannon.

Read the entire interview at BuddyTV

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  1. joe says:

    hey andreas,

    i’m not sure if you knew about this interview with elvis mitchell on ‘the treatment.’ it allows the boys to settle down a bit and answer some hard questions about pleasing the fan base in the 3rd season:


  2. Andreas says:

    Oh yeah, someone commented about it some day ago and I used to listen to The Treatment, but I forgot about this interview, so thanks for reminding me!

    I’m listening to it right now and will write a short post about it asap.

  3. Jules says:

    This is completely unrelated, but I just realized this… the actor who plays “Paulo” also plays “Xerxes” in the movie “300”!!! I couldn’t believe the transformation. He does such a great job in “300”, but was given such a crappy character on Lost. Oh well.

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