It's good to be Sawyer

Sawyer on Lost

When we first got to know Sawyer, he wanted everyone to hate him, but being hated is pretty hard when you are the most popular character on the entire Lost island.

During the last few weeks, we’ve been running a poll on who your favorite lostie is, and with over 300 votes, Sawyer is the undisputed champion.

So what is the secret behind Sawyer’s never ending popularity? What makes him stand out from the rest? Is it his good looks, the nicknames? Maybe it’s the fact that he’s the one character who has gotten beat up, shot, stabbed, punched and rejected the most and we all feel sorry for him?

Personally, I think it’s a combination of everything. He is simply a great character. While he is always in the center of the action he is also one of the funniest characters on Lost, often delivering some of the most entertaining jokes and punchlines. Not only that, but he has a very troubled past and is now involved in the main island love drama with Kate so we sympathize and feel for him because he is human and makes mistakes.

It’s easy to go on about character traits and storytelling, but it should be recognized that Josh Holloway plays Sawyer with great talent and truly deserves the praise he gets.

Locke and Jack and Sayid, oh my!

So besides Sawyer, how did the other losties rank?

It didn’t come as a surprise that Locke and Jack are popular, both coming in at above 160 votes. Following close behind them were Sayid and Desmond with 140 and 135 votes respectively.

Hurley and Kate came in at 90 and 86 votes with Charlie following at 41.

Considering that we haven’t seen her much lately it’s not much of a surprise that Claire only got 24 votes, but it was a bit unexpected to see Jin and Sun only getting 17 and 15 votes respectively.

To be fair, it was only possible to vote on one character, and I’m sure most characters are quite popular with the fans so if it had been possible to vote for several favorite characters the results would probably be a bit more even. Nevertheless it was an interesting poll. I had expected Jack or Locke to win so it was fun to see that Sawyer is the favorite.

As for who I voted on, I really like a lot of characters and Sawyer is a great winner, but my vote went to Desmond because it feels like I can relate to him in some way (though I’m really most similar to Jack) and because I think he will prove to be the most important character of the show as things unfold.

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16 Responses to It's good to be Sawyer

  1. Luke says:

    I think what makes Sawyer so popular is the bad-boy factor. He is like the Han Solo of Lost – a tough bad-ass with a heart. We simply seem to be drawn to this kind of character archetype.

    Why? I think this attraction is a topic for a whole socio-psychological dissertation and I’m in no way qualified to deliver it. But personally I think it has to do with the socialization and changing gender roles in our society.

    Sawyer is the alpha male – he is the embodiment of the macho stereotype. He does and says anything, knows no fear, is proud, stubborn and never gives up. He is the Nietzschean Overman.

    Ultimately, he is the only free man on the island – unbound by he societal norms, unafraid of the unknown. We want that freedom, and that strength even though we often disapprove of the way Sawyer chooses to exercise it.

    I think the old adage is appropriate here: men want to be him, women want to be with him.

    Lost employs other powerful archetypes – the mystical guide (Locke), the intellectual (Jack), the comic relief sidekick (Hurley), and the man haunted by the demons his past (Sayid).

    But for some reason, the macho-overman archetype is the one we are most drawn to.

  2. Hammer says:

    I don’t know for sure either…but this poll only confirms what ABC already knows. Sawyer will make an appearance in almost every episode. Has he been left out of an episode yet this season? The ping pong thing IMO was just a way of getting Sawyer some more face time. It doesn’t bother me, just an observation.

  3. Poll question says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised also if some people voted more than once for Sawyer, by deleting their cookies for

  4. Lesley says:

    I agree with Luke, Sawyer seems to be the only real free-willed man on the island. He always seems to do whatever it is that pleases him. Even when he is bothered about something he finds a distraction or some other means to amuse himself. He does not renege on a bet either (the poker game with Jack and now the ping-pong debacle). I am going to miss the nicknames but I was beginning to wonder how the writiers were going to keep that up. His heart is bigger than he would ever admit to. He took care of his daughter.. and when push came to shove the meds and the guns were shared. He is flawed but it is really hard not to like him especially considering his sense of humor is the best on the island. At the beginning of the series I really disliked the guy but after seeing his history and watching him evolve he is my favorite. (Not bad to look at either!)

  5. Smileyme says:

    It’s going to be terribly sad to go as long as we have to without the nicknames… I love the nicknames.

  6. cheese says:

    i beleive this site is able to use IP address, so 1 vote per ip

    my fav is des, however my other fav is sawyer,
    hes just a cool charctor, hes a tuff guy 1 min and next a nice guy, he has type of wanting love i gather, the love is a form of hate.

  7. Andreas says:

    [quote comment=”44267″]i beleive this site is able to use IP address, so 1 vote per ip[/quote]

    That’s correct. The poll uses both ip-logging and cookies to make sure that no one votes twice, so the results should be pretty accurate! =)

  8. Sawyerrules says:

    I’m happy! I voted Sawyer, of course. He is a very attractive character couse he is goodlooking (it’s true) he is funny, he’s smart but it seems not, he has a big heart and he try to hide it…Sawyer is much more than Han Solo but it could be good to his love story, Leia/Kate ends with him and Jack/Luke by his own. I don’t like Jack stereotype of hero, he bore me.
    Sawyer I love you.
    P.D.: I’m an girl, I say cause my nick don’t let it see.

  9. Tina says:

    Perhaps his maverick like quality is precisely why the Others dislike him so much, not easy to control or bend to their will/plan. Jack seems like he’d be more manipulated.

  10. patience says:

    hey andreas,

    no podcast yet?

  11. patience says:

    hey sawyerrules I like the Star Wars analogy i never thought of it like that but you know Han did end up with leia by the end of Jedi.

  12. Andreas says:

    [quote comment=”44375″]hey andreas,

    no podcast yet?[/quote]

    I was notified of the podcast via RSS a few minutes ago, for some reason there was a quite long delay because the podcast was released on Monday. The post about the podcast should be up as you read this.

  13. patience says:

    awesome i wonder if D&C are in it this time im starting to miss their shenanagens, i dont believe in going to abc to listen i always listen here gotta represent. viva la lostblog.

  14. patience says:

    oh yeah by the way i voted for locke i dont care if he was a bumbling oaf last episode i know he has his own agenda. I cant wait for his flashback episode.

  15. Erin says:

    I think Sawyer has been my favourite since the episode where he thought the boar was after him and purposely wrecking his stuff. He is funny (the nickname ban is only on for a week, thank goodness!), strong, complicated (wants to be hated, but wants Kate to love him back) and though he pretends not to be, he’s a pretty good friend and a sensitive guy. I can’t get enough of Sawyer. I was glad for his few minutes of airtime last night.

  16. ILOVESAWYER says:

    I am Sawyer’s biggest fan! Who thinks Sawyer will be killed off in the end of Season 3

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