Lost's Paulo is Xerxes in 300

Rodrigo Santoro as Xerxes

On Lost, Rodrigo Santoro got off to a bad start due to a bad introduction of his character “Paulo”, but on the big screen things are going much better for the Brazilian actor. He can currently be seen portraying Persian ruler Xerxes in the violent epic “300”, based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel with the same name.

The film which is directed by Zach Snyder, has gained much popularity on the Internet and earned over $70 million during its first weekend, breaking a record and becoming the highest earning film opening in March ever.

Rodrigo had this to say about playing Xerxes:

Xerxes has convinced himself he is a God so he puts himself on a pedestal. Like, you know, above the sky. I did a good research of Persian history and of Herodotus. There was a lot of interesting information there that I used to build Xerxes. The soul, the essence of the character is just right there. You know, he existed once. It’s actually a huge responsibility to play this guy! (Laughs)

The costumes and the sets are just incredible. I’m not gonna lie to you; when I first saw the costume I almost said ‘Wow, I’ve never seen so much gold!’. It helped me a lot because it makes you feel, you know, all over it was full of gold, and I had the piercings, and everything just… I miss it now.

Read more about 300 on the official website. Or take a look at the trailer.

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7 Responses to Lost's Paulo is Xerxes in 300

  1. harkel says:

    Speaking of losties in the movies…

    I saw Smokin’ Aces yesterday, and was surprised to see Matthew Fox (Dr Jack) playing head of security at a casino. Kinda small role, but nice to see him with a full grown mustasch 😀

  2. joe says:

    i also spotted christian sheppard in ‘zodiac’ as an editor for the ‘chronicle’

  3. baldness says:

    When did Santoro get to shave his head for the role of Xerxes? Did he use a baldcap?

  4. Uatu says:

    Wow! I’m floored. I had no idea that they were one and the same. That Xerxes costume was quite elaborate and very androgenous. I’ll be looking at Paulo in a different way now.

  5. HurleysButtcrack says:

    Dominic Monaghan was Merry the hobbit in LOTR.

  6. Jules says:

    I also heard that “Tom”/”Zeke” is in the movie Wild Hogs.

  7. Oprah says:

    Poop on My chest

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