The Official Lost Audio Podcast March 12, 2007

This week’s official Lost podcast is now available on ABC’s website:

Michael Emerson talks about working with rabbits and Co-Executive Producer Jean Higgins joins us to discuss the challenges of shooting Lost in Hawaii. Finally, take a listen to a clip from next week’s episode, “Par Avion” (3/14/07).

Listen to the podcast

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4 Responses to The Official Lost Audio Podcast March 12, 2007

  1. Busy says:

    What is keeping Damon and Carlton so busy??? 😛

  2. soularheart says:

    It was interesting to hear about the Greg Grunberg return and flashback that got cut out at the end of season 1! Having watched Felicity I instantly recognised Greg when I saw him as the bloody pilot in the pilot episode and was amazed over how such a relatively established actor was disposed in such way without even havening a chance to act! I’m glad that Greg has finally got his big break as Matt Parkman in Heroes!

  3. Andreas says:

    [quote comment=”44410″]What is keeping Damon and Carlton so busy??? :P[/quote]

    Damon and Carlton are in “crunch time”, writing and producing the three last episodes of the season simultaneously.

  4. I wondered if the schedule wasn’t what was keeping D&C away… can you imagine what it’s going to be like next season, when all the episodes run back to back?

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