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Have you ever read all the comments in a thread only to come back later, find a bunch of new comments but have no idea which ones are new and which ones you’ve already read?

Since I try to read all the hundreds upon hundreds of comments, the above scenario happens to me all the time, so I’ve just added a new feature to the site that should make life a bit easier for all of us.

When you return to a post and comment thread you’ve looked at before, new comments since your last visit will be marked by a small green triangle on the left side of the comment, just like in the picture above. Old comments will not be marked by the triangle so finally it should be a bit easier to keep track of the Lost discussions.

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11 Responses to Keeping track of new comments

  1. Toeknee says:

    Cool! Great idea, Andreas. I’m sure this will be a real timesaver.

    And congrats to XtraCripy for being featured in the example picture!

  2. Andreas says:

    Just a little note – remember that if you close or refresh the page the comments will appear as “read” since you have already seen them, so this is only helpful if you read all the current comments before leaving the page.

  3. Lesley says:

    That will save a lot of time. Thanks Andreas!

  4. Martijn says:

    nice feature.. good work 🙂

  5. XtraCripsy says:

    ToeKnee: It was fate.

    We’re now in the third season, and we’re not sure if Locke is wise or stupid, spiritual or mercenary, good or bad, savior or spoiler, on or off the list, an Other or a Dharma spy, etc. Even the concept of free will is in question, as the Losties must accept their fate, eg Charlie’s death.

    We all have the feeling that it will come down to a battle between good and evil, with the Losties redeeming themselves for what they did in their past lives. But beyond that, the big picture is still hidden.

  6. FMGreenSteve says:

    This is excellent; good work!

  7. shauna says:

    Fantastic! Thanks Andreas. I’ve also tried to figure out how to use the subscribe function, but that has me baffled.

  8. Andreas says:

    [quote comment=”45686″]Fantastic! Thanks Andreas. I’ve also tried to figure out how to use the subscribe function, but that has me baffled.[/quote]

    A description of RSS and how to use it can be found here.

    Basically, you subscribe to the RSS feeds in a RSS Reader. You can either use a desktop based reader like Newsfire for OSX or FeedDeamon for Windows, or an online reader like Bloglines or Google Reader.

  9. froggirl says:

    Great feature! Thanks!

  10. Bad says:

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