Michael Emerson discusses Ben's personality

Michael Emerson, Lost’s Ben, seems to be on a little publicity tour as new interviews with him pop up as fast as Charlie finds new t-shirts. Not that I’m complaining, I’m constantly intrigued by Michael, but considering how well he plays Ben, who wouldn’t be?

In an interview with The Trades, he talks about what we can expect from Lost in the near future and shares his view of Ben’s personality:

“I think he has possibly a romantic nature that is at odds with the work that he has to do or the mission he has to fulfill.”

“I think probably sometimes at night when he’s lying awake he thinks, ‘Why couldn’t I just have a happy marriage and children and live like other men?’ Of course, backstory will contextualize this in a good way.”

The entire Lost interview can be read at The Trades, but be aware that it contains some mild spoilers.

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