Lost set visit video


To take a break from the drama and the mystery of last night’s thrilling Lost episode, it might be fun to check in with the cast of Lost on the set in Hawaii. This video from Extra TV does just that.

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7 Responses to Lost set visit video

  1. joe says:

    “extra” makes me vomit, but i’m really glad to see some -good- press on lost, finally!

  2. Sawyerrules says:

    Oh! I think that we know who is the best kisser, of course Sawyer is.I could die for a kiss of Sawyer ;P

  3. John says:

    That was a waste of a minute and a half… What a terrible video. Who cares who can kiss better than whom or who goes skinny dipping… Has anyone on their staff even watched Lost?! That was annoying.

  4. Seamus says:

    so josh whatever his name isn’t really acting, he is actually a douche bag. interesting.

  5. Lost Forums says:

    The best kisser is Sawyer, obviously because he is ment to be the king of kissing. Jack will end up going out with juillet anyways!

  6. Andreas says:

    Oh come on, Josh isn’t a douche bag, he seems to be a pretty nice guy.

  7. aevkc says:

    [quote comment=”46517″]Oh come on, Josh isn’t a douche bag, he seems to be a pretty nice guy.[/quote]
    I agree. I think he was just kidding around.

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