Lost Character Backstories part 5

The latest Lost character backstories, previously aired flashbacks re-cut into chronological order, have been published by ABC.

The latest part of Sawyer’s flashback as well as the first Sun & Jin backstory video can be seen bellow. The rest of the new videos, as well as the old character backstories are available on ABC.com



Sun & Jin


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2 Responses to Lost Character Backstories part 5

  1. patience says:

    andreas, you should have put metaphor on the new poll for what the “box” is but i guess something else counts. I heard that they won’t be getting back to locke and his dad for five weeks. 😦 oh well good things come to those who wait.

  2. Andreas says:

    well, unless it actually is a real box, all the other possible answers in the poll would mean that “the box” is a metaphor =)

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