Naveen talks Lost

Naveen Andrews as Lost's Sayid has a nice little interview with Naveen Andrews who plays Sayid on Lost.

J.J. is promising a bigger ending this year than last year. Have you seen anything?

Naveen Andrews: It’s like magicians, isn’t it? ‘For my next trick…’ I hope so, bigger and better; that would be nice.

Are you happier now with the balance of the season?

Naveen Andrews: It’s nice to be featured, yeah.

Was it frustrating then before?

Naveen Andrews: Well, for the original cast, I think that we have to be relatively stoic about the experience; there will always be that first season that we did. That will always be there and I’m very proud of it and I have it out there with the work that I’m the most proud of and they can never take that away. They’re the writers and we’re not; I couldn’t presume to write this show. And it’s tough to be a writer and whatever direction they chose to take the show in they will.

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Don’t forget that Naveen is starring in Robert Rodriguez’s and Quentin Tarantino’s new movie project “Grindhouse” which opens April 6 in the states.

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4 Responses to Naveen talks Lost

  1. joe says:

    well that was very diplomatic of him. and nice to see that while he may be frustrated, he respects the challenge the writers face.

  2. downthehatch says:

    You can tell he’s frustrated with the splintering off of the various characters. It must be more so knowing that the fans adore him and that every time he’s on, we all go, it was good to see Sayid again.

  3. poopypants says:

    ” It was almost Stalin’s Polit Bureau”
    -Wow,talk about a shot across the bow.

  4. calavera says:

    The interviewer is a tad biased if you ask me. Making comments like “Of course, since the unbelievably successful first season, the ratings and unfortunately, the quality has not been there.” That’s a bit subjective, I personally think the show has been BETTER since the first season.

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