Damon comments on Nikki and Paulo

Lost co-creator, executive producer and writer Damon Lindelof talked to TVGuide about the deaths of Nikki and Paulo:

“People hated them before they even opened their mouths to say anything significant because it felt like they were crashing the party,” exec producer Damon Lindelof acknowledges of the characters who were abruptly introduced last fall. “The easiest thing would have been to just write them out and forget they ever happened, like the cougar on Season 2 of 24. But that’s not Lost. We should at least own up to it.”

Like most of you, I never really liked Nikki and Paulo. It wasn’t the fault of actors Kiele Sanchez and Rodrigo Santoro who did a pretty good job, but due to a bad introduction (supposedly caused by a cut sex scene between the two that lead to a rewrite of their introduction) they never felt like part of the story.

I can almost guarantee that Nikki and Paulo were not part of the original plan, so hopefully this will be a lesson for the suits at ABC that messing too much with the creative vision and introducing new characters without much thought is never a good idea.

Unlike Locke, I hope that what is buried stays buried. At least until the zombie season. Of course, they were buried alive, so maybe they’re back playing ping-pong next week….

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25 Responses to Damon comments on Nikki and Paulo

  1. Hugo says:

    I think your wrong wrong wrong.
    I for one think Paulo and Nikki are two of the best characters ever indroduced [ After the Origonal Losties] They are way better then any of the Tailies. I hope we see more of them.

  2. Andreas says:

    You’re free to disagree, but In my opinion Mr.Eko and Ana-Lucia had much more depth than Nikki and Paulo.

  3. mike says:

    they are probably the worst characters ever on lost – except for ana-lucia… but we got something good out of them.


  4. Eng says:

    I still miss Mr. Eko very much !

  5. Mizzie says:

    They are the worst characters, but at least we did not suffer them in vain and they went out with a bang. And as unfortunate and sad their demise was I really hope we do not see them again.

  6. Toeknee says:

    I will never understand why people disliked them so much. I think Damon is right, people decided to hate them before seeing or hearing them. I didn’t love the characters, but I didn’t mind them either. Mostly I hope that the creators of the show didn’t discard some compelling story lines that may have occurred later this season (or next) by killing off Nikki and Paolo, just to satisfy some outspoken fans and critics.

  7. scott says:

    Zombie season? Que?

  8. XtraCripsy says:

    Nikki represents a first for the Losties–someone who continued to her evil self since before the crash. Ana Lucia was different. She was extra paranoid because the Tailies suffered so much more that the Midsectioners.

    It seems the other Losties had a reason or made the wrong choices in the schemes they perpetrated. But they seem willing to repent now that they’re on the island.

    I can’t believe Paolo was so stupid to believe that Nikki was in love with him.

    Also, I think all those new species of spiders were dreamt up by Artzt, and then Ben’s box kicked in to make them real. We know that Smokey played some role in Paulikki’s deaths.

    I think the diehard fans are beginning to get suspicious of what episodes are just filler. The whole deal with Ben’s spinal tumor seems to be a melodrama that didn’t contribute to the arc of the series.

  9. Seamus says:

    no character could ever be as bad as Charlie; god, what an uninteresting character.

  10. scott says:

    [quote comment=”47297″]Zombie season? Que?[/quote]
    never mind. read about it.

  11. MuGS says:

    I personally believe the spiders defenitly have something to do with Smokey; you hear his clicking only moments before the spiders appear. In LOST they don’t just throw things in such as that by chance… defenitly something fishy going on, if you ask me.

  12. Hugo says:

    Comon! after seeing that epesiod I cant help but like those two. I really wish they come back some how. Like the high tide wshes the mounds of dirt away. I heard somewhere you can survive a good 12 hours like that… But i think thats in a casket. Mayb the losties should make funerals more traditonal… just in case they mess up again. Oh and Hugo is Def.. all the fat blocking his ears..

  13. They were definitely fun to look at, eye candy for all viewers, but other than that, they didn’t do anything for me. I don’t care that they are gone, I won’t care if they return.

  14. Hammer says:

    I’m with ToeKnee and FMGreen. I don’t get mad when someone dies or gets introduced. I only care about the story. I don’t care about the “soap opera” aspects of the show, that’s just to get a big crowd to watch. How they work into the story is all that matters to me.

  15. [quote comment=”47341″]I’m with ToeKnee and FMGreen. I don’t get mad when someone dies or gets introduced. I only care about the story. I don’t care about the “soap opera” aspects of the show, that’s just to get a big crowd to watch. How they work into the story is all that matters to me.[/quote]

    Right on.

  16. ranky says:

    The last scene of season 2 had those two guys speaking portuguese (or something close to it), then the next season they come up a brazilian character.
    That’s hardly coincidence, so in my opinion, they were part of the original plan, let’s just wait and see.

  17. mr jones says:

    I’m going to agree with most of you, Nikki and Paolo were definitely not extraordinary characters (they were just okay). However, I think we need to give Damon, Carlton and all of those who make lost some credit. If there is one thing i’ve learned over the last few seasons is that, almost everything in lost has its reasons, even if we don’t find out about it for weeks, or later. Walkie talkie maybe? immediate love interest from juliette? Vincent knowing? Artz bugs? I don’t know what it is, but certainly one or more of these elements (or something else from this episode) will come into play.

  18. Tasha says:

    I didn’t see the probbem with Nikki and Paolo. After all- is this show about ALL the Losties or just the group we know of? There isn’t that many of them still at the beach. They are now spread out everywhere all the time. WE need more characters at the beach! If the show is about connections, then I want to see how everyone is connected. I often wonder where and who all the survivors are. I get tired of the same old stories and want to know back stories to ALL of them. At the same time, I don’t like to be hanging from an episode as great as last weeks.

    OKAY…so can someone tell me where I can read about all this “zombie season talk”???

  19. Andreas says:

    Tasha, the “Zombie season” is an ongoing joke between Damon and Carlton that around season 7 or 8 everyone on the island will become zombies or something along those lines.

  20. Dori says:

    Five ways to boost ratings:

    1) show some skin!
    2) have a cult favorite make a guest appearance (Billy Dee!)
    3) replay scenes that attracted viewers in the past
    4) bring back characters that have died through flashbacks (Why was Sharon wearing a wig?)
    5) kill off a character(s) [esp. Nikki and Paulo]

    It pains me to criticize Lost in this manner, and while I found the replays of past scenes through different perspectives interesting and enriching to the overarching story, I couldn’t help but feel there were deliberate attempts with this episode to boost ratings and appease existing fans. I enjoyed the framework story, not to mention the Shakespearean irony of the last scene, but I worry that the rich storytelling nature of the show may diminish if those involved cower to what they perceive as popular opinion.

    The appearance of Billy Dee in this episode is especially ironic, since, based on popular rumors (whether this is true or not, I don’t know), George Lucas had supposedly changed the ending of Return of the Jedi to let Billy Dee’s character survive (he was originally supposed to die) after screening the original ending to an audience who hated it. Lucas compromised his story, but I hope Lost writers (and creators) hold true to theirs.

    I hate that the number of alloted seasons of Lost has been shortened, but I hope the writers will be left to their own devices to flesh out the story and let it end with dignity.

  21. Laura says:

    okay i dont know about you all but nobody seems to mention how the introduction of nikki and paolo was just like artz!! All of the sudden this dude Artz shows up, and they give him a few lines for a few episodes and kill him off. What’s the point? We’ve learned more about artz through flashbacks after he was killed of, than he actually had a part in the show. Plus he was freaking annoying, whining all the time. Hopefully they aren’t doing that again… if the writers did all that buildup and a whole episode only to kill them off then theyre retarded…. and I love lost way to much to think that the writers are retarded… so I’m waiting to see where they were going with this episode, and what is going to happen next.

  22. frenchy_florims says:

    WOW, I have just seen Exposé, this was GREAT ! I am so impressed by the quality of the plot in this episode : it really looked like the famous Hitchkock short movies, that probably inspired the authors.

    Lost is definitely the best show on American TV now.

    I really believed Paulo and Nikki appeared in Lost in order to make that episode happen (because it was so good !!!) … until I read that Damon got rid of them on purpose (thank you Andreas for this news which really enable us to understand the meaning of this episode).

    As far as I’m concerned, I didn’t like Nikki and Paulo neither because they really looked artifical at first. But after this episode, it seems to me they were brilliant characters !?!

    Guys, I am worrying for the audience rates of Lost … I don’t understand because this season is excellent ! Could you reassure me please ? Does the show risk disapearing (ABC) or losing money (unhappy production) ?

    Cheers from Paris.

  23. Andreas says:

    Frenchy, it has been announced that ABC will be producing Season 4 of Lost, so don’t worry to much about the ratings =)

  24. katie says:

    Does anyone have a theory on when we will see Nikki and Paolo again, especially since they aren’t dead?

  25. Toeknee says:

    [quote comment=”51673″]Does anyone have a theory on when we will see Nikki and Paolo again, especially since they aren’t dead?[/quote]
    Not sure what you mean. In this week’s podcast, D&C say that they are indeed dead. Of course, they could always show up in a flashback.

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