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Lost's Evangeline Lilly

There is a little interview with Evangeline Lilly over at Esquire. Besides talking about the possibility of playing Wonder Woman, Evie talks a bit about her life and answers a few questions about Lost:

ESQ: The show isn’t afraid to kill off major characters. Worried you might be next?

Evangeline: I feel like where they’ve taken the story, I don’t think they’re finished with Kate yet.

ESQ: You realize you just painted a target on your forehead.

Evangeline: I know! No one’s above it. Got that? Nobody. [Laughs.]

ESQ: So I’m told that the series will end with a scientist informing the survivors that they’re part of a government experiment.

Evangeline: I don’t think so.

ESQ: Wait, you’re saying the Internet is wrong?

Evangeline: I think that would be so unfair to our viewers. They’ve invested in this idea, and to cop out and make it something as stupid and simple as we’re all dead in purgatory or something, I think I’d get up and kick a hole through my television I’d be so pissed off.

ESQ: Admit it, the writers have no idea where this thing is going.

Evangeline: They do! I remember when we were filming the pilot, [cocreator] J.J. Abrams was talking about the idea of a hatch. They told us they had roughly mapped out the first six seasons.

Read the interview at Esquire

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11 Responses to Interview with Evangeline

  1. AnotherOther says:

    What the H? She doesn’t think the purgatory theory is valid? Well, I guess she should know. Cute pic!

  2. Joi says:

    Thanks for the heads-up about the Q’s and A’s. Great interview – I love her quirkiness!

  3. Me says:

    Six season?!

    So we’re half way there then. XD

  4. Gabbers says:

    Someone told me I look like Evangeline Lilly two days ago and I about pooped my pants! But I don’t, so danggg.

    Oh and to make this post at all worthwhile I’d say I like how she seems to have a respect for the viewers and their intelligence.

  5. Just as an aside…that’s the best picture of Evie I’ve seen in ages. Absolutely beautiful.

  6. Me says:

    Dude, this is an old interview from last March. It was on their website then when she did a photo spread for their magazine (Viggo M. was on the cover).

  7. Andreas says:

    [quote comment=”47405″]Dude, this is an old interview from last March. It was on their website then when she did a photo spread for their magazine (Viggo M. was on the cover).[/quote]

    That kinda sucks if it’s true. It says that it was published 3/30/2007 though. Not that I doubt that you’re right.

  8. XtraCripsy says:

    Hello Evie (I know you’re reading this most popular Lost blog):

    First, word is you’re dating Dominic aka Merry the Hobbitt Monaghan. I know you’re stuck in Hawaii and have to socialize with the cast and crew, but c’mon, Charlie?

    When you get a chance, be a hon, and have Sunday brunch with me at Pastis here in NYC. We’ll make Page 6, undoubtedly, but what the heck.

    In this Esquire photospread, I see you’re showing off your ass in 4 of the photos. Don’t feel threatened by the likes of Nikki! She might have a nice rack, but she has the face of a wrestling coach.

    Some advice: get a movie deal. Paolo hit the big time in “300,” you could do it too. This series has jumped the animatronic Mr. Jaws, and they’re runnin’ out of Losties to bury in the sand. Darling, we love you as “Freckles” on Lost, buy you should really hook up with Damon (Matt, that is, not the funny looking bald producer), and do a romantic comedy. Please, don’t do one of those Jennifer Garner roles–they say you might be playing Wonder Woman. Resist the temptation.

    I’ve decided to offer my services to write an episode that does justice to your wonderful free-spirited nature. You single-handedly smite Smokey, find the sub that Locke didn’t really blow up, and wind up returning to the real world as a vegan TV producer living in Brooklyn Heights.

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