Lost Weekend 2007

SyFy Portal reports that the Lost Weekend 2007 party took place last weekend. I had completely forgotten about Lost Weekend, but I’m glad that someone covered the event!

Sam Anderson (Bernard) and Byron Chung (Mr. Paik, Sun’s father) were the first VIPs to arrive. Later, Maggie Grace (Shannon Rutherford), whose locks are now dark brown, joined the party wearing one of the most casual outfits there — a red fitted T-shirt and blue jeans.

Andrea Gabriel (Nadia, Sayid’s love) was quite the party girl. Dressed in a little, beige silky dress, she spoke with almost everyone in attendance.

From the beginning, Anderson held a rapt crowd about him, each fan taking their turn to have their photo taken with Bernard. However, once Daniel Roebuck (Leslie Arzt, the high school teacher who got blown up) showed up, however, the crowd that surrounded the lovably annoying scientist was equally large.

Much like the characters he’s played on Lost and Nash Bridges, Roebuck is an animated talker with an easy smile.

Rose and Bernard reunited when L. Scott Caldwell (Rose), dressed nicely in flowing black pants and blouse, arrived.

Also in attendance were executive producer and Lost co-creator Jeffrey Lieber and writer Craig Wright. They got up on stage and thanked the fans for being so supportive of the show.

“When we were creating the pilot, we didn’t think it would get on TV,” said Lieber. “When it got on TV, we didn’t think it would last more than one or two episodes. And now we’re starting our fourth season. It has been amazing.”

Read more over at SyFy Portal

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3 Responses to Lost Weekend 2007

  1. AnotherOther says:

    Sounds like fun. Were any of the big-time celebrities there?

  2. cheese says:

    what a cool party, would be nice to be a guest or a fly on the wall.

  3. i'dgetlostwithsawyer says:

    This looks like such an awesome time! Does anyone know if where this happened, in LA or in HI? I am moving to Oahu so I really want to see if there are any LOST-related things going on…

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