Video Interviews with Ben and Juliet

As a follow-up to the previous cast interviews on the Lost set in Hawaii, E!Online’s Kristin Veitch interviews Elizabeth Mitchell who plays Juliet and Michael Emerson who plays Ben.

While the interviews don’t really reveal any secrets, they are well timed as tonight’s new Lost episode “One of us” is centered around Juliet’s past and her arrival at the beach camp with Jack, Kate and Sayid.

The video can be seen at E!Online

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  1. rachel prasad says:

    i think that lost is the best show ever!!!!!!!!!!! and sawyer and jack are freakin hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think that ben on the show, makes the show so much better! his character really adds to it! ben u rock! lol. anyway, lost will always be the best show on tv!!!!!! love you all! love, rachel prasad. josh holloway, and matthew fox, call me!@!!!!!!!!! 509-209-4903!!!!!

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