Lost News – May 5, 2007

Here are a few quick bits of the latest news surrounding Lost.

  • Looks like we will be getting a new day and time for Season 4, based on this report by BuddyTV: The article also says ABC may be announcing the END date for Lost sometime around May 15th as well
  • We are also seeing conflicting reports on when the END date will be, based on this report, it looks like we are in for 2 more seasons

Lost: The Answers

ABC is set to air a Lost special this month titled Lost: The Answers, which will be hosted by Damon and Carlton:

“Among the topics that will be covered: the father of Sun’s baby, what caused the Oceanic 815 crash, what happened to DHARMA, why polar bears are on the island, how Locke ended up in a wheelchair, and the identity of the real Sawyer.”

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6 Responses to Lost News – May 5, 2007

  1. patience says:

    New Podcast came out yesterday. Thought you guys might like to know.

  2. Will says:

    [quote comment=”56007″]New Podcast came out yesterday. Thought you guys might like to know.[/quote]
    Thanks Patience, I actually just finished listening to it, and we’ll make that post tomorrow or Monday morning.

  3. Toeknee says:

    Here’s another article, claiming there will be three more seasons (so the series ends in May 2010), but with only 16 episodes each season. So that gives us about the same total number of episodes as two normal full seasons would give us:


  4. Meg says:

    I just heard on the radio on my way to work that ABC just announced that there will be three more seasons that will each have 16 episodes, running back to back.

  5. Benjamin Compson says:

    On the idea that jacob might be a cult leader is possibly not a very valid response. Considering when you look at, read or study the people he used as examples, you would see that these type of cult leaders are the center of their own universe and thrive off of being seen, heard, felt touched. This is how they maintain their power. For Jacob to use others as soldiers for communicating with the groups (BEN), it would not be to their advantage to remain in power very long. People in cults groups surround themselves about their leaders, separation by voice would only lead to conflict among the other leaders. Power corrupts, and we can see this when we study cult groups that soldiers usually have a tendency to abuse the power they have been given that does not adhere to the true word of the ideology surrounding the group. Therefore Ben might be doing just that in order to take total control. There may also seem to be generated problems from within the group from the get go, apparently someone gave Ben the code to unlock the gate on a napkin, why would someone risk doing that who was a true believer in the cult.

    As a puzzling question, why when John was calling Ben a liar and his hand was shaking, there was no mention of Jacob, later Ben tells John that he will take him to see Jacob and again later tells him thats why his hand was shaking this makes no sense. I think Ben sees all dominate males threatening because of the relationship with his violent Father.

  6. Ainee says:

    i’d like to know more on why they told Juliet they’re going to portland. then later we found out that he was born in portland?

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