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LostBlog Reader Contributions

One cool link and an attempt at humor by our readers: -Lost Muckety Map: This is a pretty cool java-based application that let’s you get a visual at the various ways the characters of the show are connected. Tell me … Continue reading

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Lost News – June 27th, 2007

-Kristin of E! Online is reporting that Harold Perrineau’s return is contingent upon the amount of cash he is asking for. Back then, Harold was offered a truckload of money. Now, sources tell me he wants that same truckload. The … Continue reading

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This Week In Lost – June 24th, 2007

Seven Bold Statements – The Naveen Andrews/Esquire Interview is a pretty interesting read, for those of you that care about the political views of the “Lost” actor. Among the lighter of the seven notable quotes: A slice of hot, buttered … Continue reading

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AOL "Best & Worst of TV" Poll

Thanks to reader Andie Taylor for this bit of news. AOL recently posted the results of a poll conducted from 3 million TV viewers and here are the results as they relate to Lost: “Best Drama”: Lost was tied for … Continue reading

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The Fallon Theory

Thanks to contributor “Aonghus Fallon” for this particular theory that covers multiple mysteries related to the show in a thought-provoking manner (minor editing by me): Two of the most ancient myths known to man deal with exile. The first man … Continue reading

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Lost "Mobisodes" to Roll Out This Fall

A good article was posted today on the related to some comments made by Damon and Carlton at the Promax/DBA’s annual conference. Among those items I found most interesting: *Mobisodes will be released this fall in conjunction with Verizon … Continue reading

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Lindelof & Cuse Watch "Sopranos"

The New York Times posted this article about the controversial Soprano series finale, in terms of managing audience expectation vs. staying true to the story and style of the overall series. Lindelof & Cuse are both quoted in the article, … Continue reading

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