This Week in Lost – 06/09/2007

Not much happening this week in the world of Lost, but I will do my best to recap a few interesting news items:

*The Official Speed Racer website launched this week, complete with a press blitz that featured Matthew Fox. He made a few comments, but the one I found most interesting was that he grew up without television, how is that for irony?

*Emmy Submissions for Lost: Buddy TV is reporting that the following Emmy submissions were made on behalf of Lost –

Outstanding Drama Series
Lost “Through The Looking Glass”

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series
Evangeline Lilly For “I Do”

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
Matthew Fox For “A Tale Of Two Cities”

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series
Naveen Andrews For “Enter 77”
Daniel Dae Kim For “The Glass Ballerina”
Michael Emerson For “Every Man For Himself”
Henry Ian Cusick For “Flashes Before Your Eyes”
Josh Holloway For “Every Man For Himself”
Jorge Garcia For “Tricia Tanaka Is Dead”
Dominic Monaghan For “Flashes Before Your Eyes”
Terry O’quinn For “The Man From Tallahassee”

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series
Emilie De Ravin For “Par Avion”
Yunjin Kim For “The Glass Ballerina”
Elizabeth Mitchell For “One Of Us”

Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series
Kevin Tighe For “The Brig”

Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series
Stephen Williams for “Greatest Hits”

Though Lost was generally snubbed last year, I think it can only be good for the series to win some of these awards, though that may not be of much import to the overall fan-base. Of those listed above, I would especially like to see Dominic Monaghan nominated for Supporting Actor and Elizabeth Mitchell for Supporting Actress (official nominations will be announced on July 19th). Who do you think is deserving of an Emmy based on the above?

*Elizabeth Mitchell Interview: Variety posted a pretty good interview with Elizabeth Mitchell.

Mitchell may not know if a line or two of dialogue — or even an entire multiepisode setup — is just a ruse because the following scripts haven’t arrived yet. Yet, she’s developed a sixth sense in figuring out Juliet’s true intentions.

“I know when she’s lying, and she’s an excellent liar,” says Mitchell, laughing. “Juliet is so controlled and only allows people to see her in the way she wants to be seen. If she shows too much, she loses all her powers.”

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5 Responses to This Week in Lost – 06/09/2007

  1. Andy Grey says:

    Dominic shouldn’t get nominated if his episode submission is Flashes Before Your Eyes. Are you joking? Dom did nothing that episode. If his episode was Greatest hits, I would agree. I want to see Michael Emerson get nominated too, but why did they pick Every Man for Himself instead of his episode, “The Man behind the Curtain”. Matthew Fox was superb this season. He did great work consistently this year. I didn’t like him as much in season 2 as I did this year.

  2. Dall says:

    Great blog. Come try ‘lost’ sometime, while waiting for the series return. It’s addictive..

  3. Hammer says:

    I thought O’Quinn’s and Emerson’s scene in Jacob’s cabin was deserving.

  4. Lars says:

    L_O_S_T 4 EVER

  5. oddismygod says:

    Yunjin Kim is by far the best actress on the show. As for Evangeline Lilly &
    Emilie De Ravin they belong in lifetime movies, where they can rely on wigs and fake tears to pick up the slack. lol.

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