Lost "Mobisodes" to Roll Out This Fall

A good article was posted today on the HollywoodReporter.com related to some comments made by Damon and Carlton at the Promax/DBA’s annual conference. Among those items I found most interesting:

*Mobisodes will be released this fall in conjunction with Verizon Wireless, which will “give hardcore fans more information that they probably weren’t going to be able to get through the show itself.” The 90 second mobile-based videos will actually have direct character participation, so this is a bit different than TLE or the character back stories we have seen released

*They will go back to Comic-Con this year to discuss the Season 3 finale and I’m sure provide some information related to what is in store for Season 4

*Last, but not least, Carlton confirmed that the series “will not be ending with a blackout”.

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8 Responses to Lost "Mobisodes" to Roll Out This Fall

  1. Hammer says:

    That’s great. There are way too many loose ends to cover in the show, this will satisfy MOST of us.

  2. Craig says:

    Good news, next season seems so far away just now!

    Hopefully these clips will be made available to those outside the US as well…

  3. SpinPapi says:

    I wasn’t a fan of The Sopranos, but when I heard about the ending, I wished I had been. Sounded awesome to me!

    But yeah. Please, LOST, don’t do nothin like that now, y’hear? OK then. Shoo…

  4. Davis says:

    What do they mean “blackout”?

  5. aardwolf says:

    By blackout, they mean the black screen with the LOST logo and the noise that they use to end several episodes with a cliffhanger. As an example, remember the recent episode where Hurley said “What” right before the blackout.

    In my opinion, a blackout ending of the series would be a copout, and I’m glad they have decided not to pursue that route.

  6. Hammer says:

    [quote comment=”66326″]What do they mean “blackout”?[/quote]
    In Sapranos, the series ending with such an abrupt “cut to black” that many people thought that their cable and satelite service went out…and left the series strictly up to you to decide what happens next. Basically ended with a cliffhanger.

  7. Ben J says:

    From the article: mobisodes will be “rolling out first on Verizon Wireless and then probably appearing on ABC.com.” I hope that probably becomes a definite.

    I’m ok with Verizon getting exclusive rights to publish the “mobisodes” initially, so long as it becomes available to everyone soon after. If not I’m sure someone will get copies up onto YouTube or other sites

  8. lost chicka says:

    i hope the mobisodes get posted on abc.com. yah! no blackout! after 6 seasons of cliffhangers nobody deserves a cliff hanger ending to the show.

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