AOL "Best & Worst of TV" Poll

Thanks to reader Andie Taylor for this bit of news. AOL recently posted the results of a poll conducted from 3 million TV viewers and here are the results as they relate to Lost:

“Best Drama”: Lost was tied for 3rd with Heroes, behind House and Grey’s Anatomy

“Best Season-Ending Cliffhanger”: Lost won this with 32% of the vote, followed by CSI and Heroes

“Best Villain”: And the winner was… Benry! Followed by Sylar from Heroes and Tony from the Sopranos

“Couple You Loved to Love”: Sun & Jin finished third (only Lost notable)

“Most Shocking Development”: Ben shooting Locke was third (only Lost notable)

“Strongest Network”: ABC won with 36% of the vote, followed by Fox and NBC

My take on the above… I cannot believe that Lost fell that far in terms of the Best Drama… I have watched all of the shows mentioned above and I can see how Grey’s Anatomy is up there in terms of popularity with a more general demographic, but I don’t see how you could place House and Heroes over Lost.

And as far as the “shocking development”, I definitely think the flash-forward represented a greater shock than the Locke shooting (and definitely more conversation in our threads).

What do you think?

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2 Responses to AOL "Best & Worst of TV" Poll

  1. joe says:

    this poll says more about people who respond to aol polls than it does about how ‘lost’ compares to other shows.

  2. Craig says:

    Yeah exactly, polls are handy things but it’s normally only a certain type of person who responds – and just because something is popular, it doesn’t necessarily make it the best which is what some of these polls tend to imply.

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