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In an effort to keep some of you Lost Bloggers engaged over the long haul of our “Lost” wait, J.J Abrams is at it again with his new Cloverfield Project movie. If you have seen Transformers, there was a special trailer attached to it and you can find it on YouTube and Google Video, but Paramount has been pretty big on preventing the rips from staying up too long.

Nevertheless, this is what I get from what I have been able to see:

*The movie is going to be in a “Blair Witch Project” type format, but much larger budget… Meaning, taken from a first-person camcorder perspective, but the special effects look pretty cool

*A number of people are deeming it “Godzilla” meets the BWP, but it is difficult to tell from the trailer what exactly is going on other than mass terror and destruction

There are a couple of websites to check out: – Not much here other than a terrified look on some faces

and then this site, which seems to be the first viral site for the movie in a TLE sort of vain – This is a flash-based, puzzle-filled site and I’m already somewhat addicted to trying to find the hidden videos. Basically, you figure out a puzzle and get another video, but I’ve only gotten one video deep at this point.

I know this is the Lost Blog, but this is a Abrams project and it is pretty cool, so let’s use this post to add any knowledge about the movie.

A late edit: seems to be a viral blog related to the Ethan Haas Was Right flash site.

New Movie Poster released at Comic-Con:

Cloverfield Poster

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  1. Gabbers says:

    I went to the Ethan Haas Was Right page and could not figure out what was going on. How do you get anything to move? Are you supposed to match up pieces? Do I need to get my nerdy friends that sit around and play halo all day to help me?

  2. kris says:

    [quote comment=”76064″]I went to the Ethan Haas Was Right page and could not figure out what was going on. How do you get anything to move? Are you supposed to match up pieces? Do I need to get my nerdy friends that sit around and play halo all day to help me?[/quote]

    Hint: Try clicking the pieces in a order shown.

  3. Gabbers says:

    Thank you! … I wonder how I got into college…

  4. VidGamer123 says:

    OK, the first puzzle was easy enough- click the parts in the order first shown.

    The second one, with the rotating symbols around the main sphere section, has me stumped.

    There’s a weird alphabet that appears when you mouse over a star near the top of the screen, but that’s all I’ve gleaned.

    Any thoughts?

  5. VidGamer123 says:

    Never mind… I managed to solve them. 🙂

  6. Will Neibergall says:

    I finished the puzzles on Ethan Haas Was Right and I believe I can help you guys. Anyway, I’m just gonna cut to the chase: Go back sometime between August 1st-August 31st and enter the code ‘Divinus”. I’m not sure if it’s case sensitive or not, but if it is, then it might be all caps, but if it doesn’t work when you just type in “divinus” then try “Divinus” or “DIVINUS”.

  7. Joe says:

    This could be a contemporary version of The Beast of Averoigne by Clark Ashton Smith. HP Lovecraft spin-off / rip-off. An Alien riding a comet that crashes on earth / earthquake / explosion in the beginning, the spinning roaring sounds / flying black creature with super-powers and red eyes?….perhaps? End of the world Ma! Perhaps?

  8. Brad W says:

    Ethan Haas Was Right Complete Walkthrough:

    Puzzle 1:
    As the hint email says, this is a memory game.
    When you click on any button, the game pops out each button in a sequence.
    The sequence is invariant.
    There’s a reason for that.
    Ever play the game “Simon”?
    This is similar. You have to push all the same buttons in the same order. If you press some other button, or get one out of sequence, it shows you the correct sequence again.

    Puzzle 2:
    Incidentally, you can right-click to zoom in and out, which is really handy for being able to make out the letters in this puzzle.
    You need to enter some text.
    The game has its own alphabet; roll over one of the stars to make an alphabet key appear. (Or use my easier-to-use version.)
    You need to enter a specific word.
    The word you need to enter is four letters long.
    Get your mind out of the gutter. This is a kid-safe game!
    See any four-letter words in plain sight?
    The word you need to enter is “HAAS”.
    Obvious problem: That’s four letters, and you seem to only have two characters to work with.
    What’s two plus two?
    Rotate the two inner rings such that they spell “HA”, then find “AS” on the outer ring.

    Puzzle 3:
    This one’s a classic game.
    It’s a simple capture game.
    See those two lights at the bottom that aren’t lit?
    Specifically, this is the game of Pegged.
    You need to capture all of the pegs except one.
    You capture a peg (= light) by dragging another peg over it to an empty space. This removes the captured peg from the board (extinguishes the light). You can’t move a peg without capturing another peg. If you have more than one peg still on the board and no possible moves (e.g., two pegs separated by an empty space), the puzzle resets.

    Puzzle 4:
    First, I’ll point out that this game is controlled with the arrow keys. You may not need any more hints to figure this puzzle out, now that you know how to operate it.
    This is a programming game. (Don’t worry, you don’t need to learn a programming language.)
    How many gear-shaped things are there (counting the one that the blue circle is sitting on top of)?
    How many green circles are there?
    You need to program in a course that results in all three green circles (which I think of as vacuum-cleaner robots) ending up on the three gear-shaped platforms.
    Ah, but the robots don’t seem to go the same direction you tell them to. They go every which way.
    More precisely, the blue one goes in the direction you tell it to, but the green ones go in different directions. Also, if the blue robot is blocked, your move is rejected out-of-hand, but if it isn’t, the move is allowed, even if one or more of the green robots is blocked. And as you may imagine, robots can block other robots.
    Also, the squares above the top two platforms are blocks; the robots can’t pass through them.
    WARNING: The next hint gives one solution. Thanks, Labyrinth.

    Clue in the video before Puzzle 5: This flashes for just a fraction of a second during the cutscene video. Just in case you missed it (maybe you weren’t looking at the screen during the movie), here it is:

    Puzzle 5:
    Zooming helps with this one, too.
    This is not a crypto puzzle.
    At least, not in the sense of having to decrypt something that’s encrypted. You do have to work out a password, though.
    Have you figured out the significance of that one screen with no letters on it?
    It’s a separator.
    It’s a separator in the telegraphic sense. You know, like the word “stop”: “Hello stop we are doing well stop the weather here is good stop unfortunately there is no punctuation stop …”
    You need to figure out the message.
    Start by counting letters everywhere they appear.
    This means the rotating messages as well as the letter-board underneath.
    There are 20 spaces on the letter-board (hopefully, you didn’t need me to tell you that part). The number of letters in each message varies on the first line but is always four on the second line.
    The messages are not random.
    Have you written them all down yet? (Not that you need to; they’re in the next hint.)

    1. FIVE (new line) BNSN
    2. FOUR (new line) EITD
    3. THREE (new line) ENIE
    4. ONE (new line) HIGE
    5. TWO (new line) TGNH

    Note that the order is important.
    No, it’s not 12345. That would be too easy.
    Remember the clue from the most recent cutscene?
    No? That’s OK, it was only on the screen for a brief flash. It said 54312.
    The messages appear in that order: “FIVE BNSN”, then “FOUR EITD”, then “THREE ENIE”, then “ONE HIGE”, then “TWO TGNH”.
    The significance of this is that the numbers aren’t part of the message. They’re just sequence information.
    It’s also important that every message’s second line is four letters.
    What do you get when you multiply 4, the length of every clue, by various numbers?
    Like, say, the number of clues?
    You have five clues, and they’re four letters each; 4 × 5 = 20, which is the length of the letter-board.
    Except that the letter-board isn’t a single line; it’s a rectangle, 10 × 2.
    What if it were a 4 × 5 rectangle instead?
    It’d look something like this:

    * BNSN
    * EITD
    * ENIE
    * HIGE
    * TGNH

    Unfortunately, that arrangement doesn’t help you much.
    Try playing with the order. (Next hint shows the correct order.)

    * TGNH
    * HIGE
    * ENIE
    * BNSN
    * EITD

    Columns are rows and rows are columns.

    * THEBE
    * GINNI
    * NGIST
    * HEEND

    Still haven’t figured it out? The next hint gives it away.

  9. Aussie says:

    The smoke monster escapes to NY!!

  10. Chadman says:

    I am missing how the Ethan Haas site was attached to the cloverfield project. Can anyone tell me why poeple think they are related?

  11. Adam says:

    1) It’s def. not Godzilla since the rights are owned by Sony.

    2) I don’t think it has anything to do with Lost because a) How do people on a deserted island with a mythical monster that may not even exist play a role in NY City being demolished by something that roars like that thing does. b) If it roamed the island of Lost I think it would be smaller than what is shown in the trailer.

    3) My money is on one of two things, Either the Cthulhu theory since the sight puzzles have a Lovecraftian theme and it could be based on this creature. Or it could be essentially the devil himself rising up for a apocolyptic battle. But then if the devil existed, wouldn’t God play a role in this movie.

    4) I have watched the trailer dozens of times already and each time I hear those roars and sounds it makes, my spine gets the chills.

    5) The guy in the videos on the ethan site seems to be some sort of survivor, and from other stories, it appears he found the video camera he is using and is making a documentary because the gov’t is covering up what happened to the city that night. I dunno, lots of far fetched ideas, but I’m still so intrigued cause I wann know!

  12. joy says:

    How involved is JJ Abrahams with Lost anymore? With the death of Charlie, I can’t believe he does much with it since he did say the actor would always have a home on the Lost set. And yes, I am still very disappointed that the writers of Lost killed off a great character, sorry.

  13. Graydon says:

    The and the websites have nothing to do with cloverfield:

  14. just so you know… has made the preview available on their movie trailer page. you can watch in HD as well as download it for iPod,

  15. Julie says:

    where do i find the trailer? the link above is closed.

  16. Daniel says:

    Acctually j.j. abrams said him self that the websites have nothing to do with cloverfield. but what i read was that someone posted the hidden videos from the website onto youtube. but then were taken off by paramount. Now paramount is the one releasing cloverfield. Thats why most people think they are connected.

  17. Mike says:

    exit mystery st.

  18. tee says:

    Here’s the official site for the trailer:

  19. c.salinger says:

    brad w.,
    your either one of three things.
    1. part of the cloverfield project
    2. some one who spends too much time on the internet
    3. a genius
    i just can’t decide.

  20. Drew says:

    If you guys want all the latest updates, go to This is the most complete and comprehensive collection of Cloverfield news on the net. Check it out!

  21. noitall says:

    if you listen too the trailer real close as they are running from thee rooftop down the stairs”LISTEN” to the conversation as the leave the building and go into the street,somebody ask , what is it and then you hear a guys voice{only his voice}he says,”I saw it, Its a LION and its huge. Play it 3 or four times and its clear as day,he says its a lion…………………

  22. Axle says:

    I’m getting tired of New York getting destroyed! This movie pisses me off!

  23. Phu says:

    amazing. can’t wait til friday!!

  24. Rachael says:

    i’ve been following the hype around this movie and found a site called modern tonic that has clips and even clues…if u are interested

  25. Sean says:

    wow i hope u guys know that an outline of the monsters face is on the right side of the clouds

  26. Bobert says:

    Look at the cloud in the upper right next to the statue of Liberty’s hand.

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