Comic-Con Recap

Lost Video Game trailer was released; you can view the video here:

-The game looks pretty cool, and there should be additional in-game footage released soon.

“The sense of adventure and suspense that we strive for in the show is also captured in the Lost video game,” said Lindelof and Cuse. “Ubisoft has done a fantastic job and come up with a game that is visually amazing and imaginative both on its own and as an extension of the world of the show.”

Players will assume the role of a passenger on the ill-fated Oceanic flight 815 who survives the crash and is stranded on the uncharted island in the Pacific Ocean. As the player begins to unravel mysteries of the island, new secrets about your character are revealed. Players will have to understand their character’s past mistakes in order to survive and find their way home.

The game will incorporate familiar locations and will feature main characters from the show. Gameplay will involve solving puzzles, outsmarting enemies, battling the smoke monster, and overcoming many other challenges to survive the island and ultimately come out alive.

ABC launches Lost online in High Definition:

But the improvement we’re most excited about is the addition of the new HD channel! It’s currently a beta release and there are some minimum computer requirements you’ll need to satisfy to get the best experience (those requirements are listed in the player). But, if you do, the quality is really superb and hopefully it’s a big enough sampling of your favorite shows to keep you excited as we wait for the new Fall season (there are some really cool new shows on the way).

If your computer meets the requirements, you can try it out by going here:

Caution, spoilers!

Lindelof & Cuse Q&A:

After numerous jokes and a few poor questions from the audience, here is the note-worthy stuff:

*Confirmed Michael’s return (duh!) but would not elaborate any further on how or when that would be in Season 4

*We will be seeing more flash-forwards and flashbacks

*Jack and Claire will realize they are siblings in Season 4

*Ben was accidentally captured by Rousseau and we will find out why/how soon

*What we saw with Jack and Kate was not the end of the show, says Lindelof “The show has never really been about getting off the Island. There is this whole chapter of the story that takes place off the Island”

*Harold Perrineau shows up and discusses his character, acknowledges that he will again be a “regular” on the show, confirms that we will be seeing him earlier in Season 4

*We could potentially get another TLE during the hiatus between Season 4 & Season 5

*It is confirmed that the Richard Alpert character may not appear at all next season, or if so, probably in a limited fashion. Makes sense given the actor has committed to another show at this point

*We will get Libby’s story this year, it will not be disappointing, and it was hinted at that she may have worked for DHARMA

*Panel was concluded with a DHARMA video that is posted below.


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5 Responses to Comic-Con Recap

  1. flyingfetus says:

    Here is the entire Q&A portion of Lost from Comic Con 2007. It’s split up into 4 parts of

  2. KillerR says:

    Game looks awesome, but i cant believe its only been 2 months since the finale of season 3. the withdrawl is killing me. oh, and i cant wait to see whats up with micheal and walt. itll be interesting to see how they explain walt growing so much.

  3. Michael says:

    Aintitcool also had some additional spoilers from the panel:

    At least one episode will follow Jack and Kate’s adventures away from Dharma Island.

    Rousseau will likely get a flashback on season four or five.

    On the video, it identified station 6, the Orchid. Wickmund/Candle introduced himself as Edward Allawitz and apologized for deceiving people about what the station does, not botany. He shows a rabbit marked 15 and a shelf marked 16 then a small earthquake ends the film.

  4. Phil says:

    Will, the new DHARMA video can be found in it’s entirity at the following link, if you want to update the post:

  5. Toeknee says:

    Here’s something pretty significant (IMHO) that I didn’t see mentioned anywhere here, and it’s a bit spoilerish so I won’t mention details. Early on in the podcast, during what is apparently a prerecorded video, Damon says something about house cleaning and then mentions characters who have died. Here’s a link to the transcript

    Two of the characters listed had not been confirmed to be dead on the show, so I was surprised to read that. Maybe Will or Nick can decide if names can be named here, or if that would be a spoiler. But I’d be interested in hearing what others think – am I forgetting something where we were told on the show that those 2 characters died?

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