Official Lost Podcast – Aug. 2, 2007

The latest Official Lost Podcast is out. It’s the audio from Damon and Carlton’s panel at Comic Con. While there’s nothing new here, and we’ve linked to a few video versions of the panel already, it’s worth noting here.

08.02.07 – Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse preview season 4 and take fan questions at Comic Con 2007! Go to to see more.

Listen to the Official Lost Podcast at

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One Response to Official Lost Podcast – Aug. 2, 2007

  1. Toeknee says:

    I posted this on the “Comic-Con Recap” thread, but I figured I’d repeat it here:

    Here’s something pretty significant (IMHO) that I didn’t see mentioned anywhere here, and it’s a bit spoilerish so I won’t mention details. Early on in the podcast, during what is apparently a prerecorded video, Damon says something about house cleaning and then mentions characters who have died. Here’s a link to the transcript…

    Two of the characters listed had not been confirmed to be dead on the show, so I was surprised to read that. Maybe Will or Nick can decide if names can be named here, or if that would be a spoiler. But I’d be interested in hearing what others think – am I forgetting something where we were told on the show that those 2 characters died?

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