Lost News Update – August 7th, 2007

A couple of “Lost” newsworthy items to provide some interesting reading this week:

Entertainment Weekly’s Q & A with Harold Perrineau: Nothing groundbreaking here, but it is compelling to get Perrineau’s thoughts about the secrecy regarding the show:

Have you ever worked on another project with this level of secrecy?
Never. And while it was really fun in the beginning, it gets a little like, Uhh, what am I doing? You really have to stay on your feet creatively, so when the scripts come you can find some way to make it as interesting and current and filled with as much stuff as you can, having just read it a week earlier. So, because I’ve been gone for a year and have no idea what has happened, I’m already gearing up to make a bunch of choices so I can fit all of that into whatever they have him do. You have to be really creative, and that’s kind of fun, figuring stuff out.

Chicago Magazine Article on Jeffrey Lieber: This article is interesting and just basically goes to show you that there are a ton of people out there making money off the hardwork of others. Lieber receives onscreen credit (and $$$) basically because he came up with the archetypes for some of the characters on the show. Beyond that, Lieber’s initial concept for Lost could not have been more different than what Abrams ultimately created and ran with.

I am all for contributors receiving credit (both artistically and monetarily), but this article gives the vibe that Lieber is somehow jaded by that particular experience. I cannot speak for everyone, but I would probably not be watching Lost if it were just some ramped up version of Castaway or Lord of the Flies (which is where Lieber planned to take it). The mythology of the show is what intrigues me most and keeps me tuned in. What about you?


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3 Responses to Lost News Update – August 7th, 2007

  1. Charles says:

    Good insights. As I read the article I kept wondering why the angst from a guy who’s getting paid far more than he probably deserves. Does he feel left out? Put down? Guilty?. All the above.

    As to what’s so good about Lost, for me it’s not so much the mythology I enjoy, but the relationships, the back stories. I think the mythology, good as it is, serves the story.

  2. Rickk says:

    Thanks for that article; very interesting.
    The show began with Lieber so he is right to claim some credit. He acknowledges that Lost has come a long way since the beginning, while an independent body in charge of such disputes ruled in his favour. He doesn’t seem to have the flair of those who later developed the show but that doesn’t mean he should be cut off from it altogether.

  3. KillerR says:

    Not to hijack this thread or anything, but whats up with the season 3 dvd coming out in the uk a month and a half before it comes out here?

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