Lost News Update – August 28th, 2007

A little more activity this week related to new characters in Season 4 and a few other interesting items to note:

*Jeff Jensen of EW.com reported this week that Jeff Fahey (of Lawnmower Man fame) has joined the cast for Season 4, so that makes 5 new characters that will be introduced during the story arc for the season.

Executive producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse tell EW.com that Jeff Fahey — a cult-pop fave most famous for The Lawnmower Man and most recently seen in Grindhouse — has been added to the show, joining previously announced newcomers Jeremy Davies (Saving Private Ryan), Lance Reddick (The Wire), Ken Leung (The Sopranos), and British actress Rebecca Mader (The Devil Wears Prada, Love Monkey).

Given the lengthy beard that Fahey is sporting these days, there is a ton of speculation about the character he could have been hired to portray.

*Kristin from E! Online had a few snippets related to Lost on her blog this week:

Thomas in Dallas: Any word on Lost? I can’t wait to see new episodes!

We still don’t get new eps until February (a little fact that makes me sob uncontrollably every time I hear it). However! The coolest cast around just went back to work last week in Oahu, and I’m hearing very good things about the new season! Michael is back, the Losties we love are front and center and the storylines are tighter than, well, I’d say Josh Holloway’s backside but, sheesh, I’m a married woman.

Ginny in Ipswich, Massachusetts: Will there be any cast changes this season on Lost?

Aside from the newbies we announced last week (much thanks to Korbi for that scoop!), Entertainment Weekly is now reporting that Grindhouse’s Jeff Fahey will join the island crew this year. I can also tell you that although I’d heard a while back we’d be seeing a little less of Matthew Fox this season, so far there are no signs of any “Jack-off” days on the production schedule (sorry, I couldn’t resist, I’m 12). So, we’ll see.

So, even though we are still months away, at least we know they are shooting Season 4, that our favorite characters are front and center, and that we will have at least 5 new characters this year that somehow fit into this ever-growing puzzle!

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4 Responses to Lost News Update – August 28th, 2007

  1. Frankly, I get a little nervous when I hear about multiple new characters. Didn’t “Lost” learn from last season? I don’t give a care about new characters…I want the original “Losties” to be, as the writer said, “front and center.” I can see putting some new blood in there, but NOT at the expense of the main characters we know and love.

  2. I think the producers of lost are going to lose a lot of fans this season. They are waiting way too long to come out with the new season another 153 days is crazy. I am an avid Lost fan but this is way too long.

  3. Tanner says:

    Quit your belly achin’ Lost has delivered and always will. Now that the writers have a clear due date for the end everything will only get better.

    Yea it’s a long wait, but don’t you have your own life to participate in? If lost has ever done anything for me me it’s inspired me to further my art and think about life in general. The connections, the black and white imagery and books should give you something to think about and do before the show returns.

    I wait as patiently as a Tool fan would wait for the 7th album. Please stop acting like you are above any aspect of this series. You have know idea what it is about or where it is going so stop pretending that you do.

    If you don’t like Lost go away, I will stay true and watch till’ the end.

  4. Tanner, your comment made me chuckle. I guess I do need to realize I have a life outside of “Lost.” 🙂 I’ll quit my belly-achin’ and give the new characters a chance. I’m definitely not going anywhere! 🙂

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