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Lost Podcast Review

As promised, here is our summary of the Lost Podcast posted last Friday on -Damon and Carlton make sure we know this is a “special” suprise podcast given the dates relevance to the crash date of Oceanic 815 -At … Continue reading

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Lost News Update – September 21st, 2007

-At least one “Lost” star captured a win at the Emmy’s, so again, congrats to Terry O’Quinn. Otherwise, Lost and Heroes were collectively shut out, and beyond that it was generally a Sopranos love fest, so if you missed it, … Continue reading

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Lost News & Hiatus Update – September 12, 2007

A few Lost-worthy items for discussion: *The Emmy’s will air this Sunday night at 8 PM EST on Fox, so if you have nothing else going on, tune in to see if Lost is able to capture any academy love … Continue reading

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