Lost News Update – September 21st, 2007

-At least one “Lost” star captured a win at the Emmy’s, so again, congrats to Terry O’Quinn. Otherwise, Lost and Heroes were collectively shut out, and beyond that it was generally a Sopranos love fest, so if you missed it, you didn’t miss much.

-TV Guides’ Michael Ausiello confirmed today that Cynthia Watros (Libby) will be appearing in Season 4, so I definitely look forward to getting more of her story and what happened as she and Hurley crossed paths in the mental institution. There has been additional speculation that she might have been a DHARMA employee, so I’m sure her back story will be compelling. At a minimum, this essentially confirms that flash-backs will still be part of the show for Season 4:

She’ll be in enough of the show for us to fill in the missing pieces of her story,” says Cuse. “We could not be more pleased. Cynthia is a smart and engaging actor, and [executive producer] Damon [Lindelof] and I have some very cool parts of her story left to tell.”

-Numerous sites are speculating that the premiere of Lost will be Monday, February 4th, at 8 PM. Though this has not been confirmed, obviously the 8 PM Monday night timeslot should draw much larger non-DVR viewership than Wednesday at 10, which is great for the show

-Finally, at some point today an all new podcast should appear on ABC.com, from Lindelof and Cuse, we will provide a recap once that is published.


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6 Responses to Lost News Update – September 21st, 2007

  1. SpinPapi says:

    Woo hoo! Libby, Libby, Libby! We been waitin sooo long to find out. Who wants to bet she’s with Dharma?

    Also lovely to finally be gettin another podcast. This summer’s been rough w/just the one Hanso vid.


  2. Anon2 says:

    ^ Yeeeaaah for Libby (Watros). Hope she gets a designated driver upon her return to Oahu. She’s done with her public service there, and her AA meetings. Hope she can get out of her role as Drew Carey’s girlfriend on the “Price is Right”.

    ^ I think the Libby saga will fully close the Hugo Hurley story arc (eventually). Hope (w/ Libby) is that there is a big tie in to the Des story too.

    ^ What they need to do is to fold some more Ana-Lucia backstory into the last 48 episodes. Ana had a lot of plot potential that got schwacked short. Ditto for Eko Tunde.

  3. I would like to start w/ a few ?’s. Will Echo return to the show? And the rumor of it being on Monday nights at 8pm would interfear with M.N.Football, and they would be back to the DVR thing. Has the season premiere started yet? There was a comment about the emmy’s with the sopranos taking alot of awards, well I’m just as crasy about the Sopranos as I am LOST…wished LOST would of gotten more reognition with the emmy’s.

  4. patience says:

    theres a new podcast out for LOST’s third birthday @ abc.com

  5. Hammer says:

    What I noticed about the podcast was they said that in Lost…once your dead, your dead. But, how do you know for sure if someone is dead? Mikhail is now supposedly dead(per the podcast), but what made this death more definetive to the viewers than his two previous deaths? It was another suicide for the “cause” like his first “death”.

    Maybe there should be a funeral for each “really” dead character?

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