Lost News Update – October 5th, 2007

Finally, a week where there is more to write about more than what Matthew Fox is up to (though there are some unsubstantiated rumors that we could see him playing Superman in the Justice League of America Movie). There is some spoiler-esque information in this post, please be advised, but most of it has to do with a Sci-Fi Wire article that you have probably already read about at this point:

Warning, Possible Spoilers!!

Sci-Fi Wire: There are two interesting things to note about this article. One is that, as you may have expected given the nature of the Jack/Kate flashforward of the Season 3 finale, we will get to play a guessing game each week in determining if we are watching a flashforward or a flashback, which is something that I found compelling about the finale last season.

Secondly, Cuse mentioned specifically that we had not seen Jacob up to the time of the Locke interaction, and further, that they (he and Lindelof) know how Jacob will be “depicted”, with an extra emphasis on the word depicted. Most are assuming that is foreshadowing for an image that we should be looking for this season, but also really leaves it up to interpretation as to when or if we will ever get a good look at Jacob personified.

Lastly, in a press interview promoting the Season 3 DVD, the producers reinforced the fact that they have consistently had an ending in mind, but were basically waiting for the life of the show to be determined before putting the plan into effect to get us there. This is nothing new to most of us, but I definitely think it bodes well for the final 3 seasons; I do not anticipate any filler episodes!

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3 Responses to Lost News Update – October 5th, 2007

  1. chris says:

    i say bring back lost now or at least soon and just show re-runs if needed to. i could care less as long as they just show the freakin show.

  2. SpinPapi says:

    The article mentions that LOST returns on February 6, which is a Wednesday. Can anyone confirm this? They did not cite the producers as a source on the premiere date so I’ve no idea where they got that from.

    I much prefer this “all new episodes in a row and no reruns” way of doing things, but it would be nice if they’d throw us some more bones between now and then. The Marvin Candle YouTube video was a good one!

  3. cher says:

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    **I was disappointed** All it was is an advertising contest for this website. No ‘game’ to it at all. You get points for posting and bringing in as many people as you can to their website. Dont fall for it!!

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