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-Jeff Jensen of recently posted an interesting theory related to a special ability that Ben might possess, an interview with actor/director/Lost fan Kevin Smith and some other info related to our favorite show:

Like Desmond, Ben receives flashes of the future, too. Of course, while Old Bug Eyes has been on The Island longer, and has actively cultivated a deeper rapport with The Island (or is that just Jacob?), Big Bad Ben has banked many, many, many more flashes than the formerly Hatched-trapped Scot.

Jensen goes on to further support the theory, but I do think that it could at least provide the rationalization for why Ben continues on in his current state of existence. It would also explain why he was so adamant about the demise of the Island which the people that are coming at the conclusion of Season 3 represent.

Related to the other reference of The Island and Jacob above, I have also noted this theory found on Dark UFO, which suggests they may be one in the same. I think the prospect of Jacob being a manifestation and communicable form of the Island is more likely than he actually being a living/breathing person with supernatural abilities, specifically given Cuse’s recent comment about the depiction of Jacob in Season 4, etc.

I know there is still a lot of speculation in regards to the official air date for Season 4, and though there is still no “official” word, I am seeing reports that suggest it will remain on Wednesday night, with the time slot TBD. My understanding is that the date and time will be made official within the next few weeks, one way or the other, with the day either being Monday or Wednesday. Which would you prefer?

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  1. I’m still sticking with my original theory that Jacob and “Smokey” are one-in-the-same, or in other words, Smokey is the physical manifestation of Jacob. Though, I can’t explain why Ben would continue to support the sonic fence to keep Jacob out.

    As I see it, a move to Monday at 10pm would benefit ABC greatly. Countless ‘Heroes’ watchers would likely tune into Lost if it were aired immediately following Heroes. Putting Lost at 8pm before Heroes would be a bad move though, because ABC would lose a large chunk of viewers as people migrated to NBC for the 9pm Heroes broadcast.
    Wednesday at 10pm is rough, especially during sweeps when they will always be up against the American Idol finale.

  2. Mike says:

    Does the day/time slot even matter any more? I honestly can’t remember the last time I watched any show on the day or time it was on. They could put Lost on Saturday at 3:00 a.m. and I’d never know the difference.

    Now, that said, where day/time increasingly matters for shows like Lost is being able to avoid the spoilers. Then again, I’ve yet to read a spoiler for Lost that has helped me understand it or given anything away to ruin it for me.

    Best. Show. On. Television.

  3. Fish Biscuit says:

    I’d much rather the show be on late rather than early. I know a girl who usually works until 8:30 PM, and she’d end up pretty ticked off if she missed the show. If it is Monday, then 9 is impossible for obvious reasons. 10 PM may be the best slot for Monday, but I’d much rather prefer it on Wednesdays at 9 or 10.

  4. TanziTwo says:

    ~ I think Richard Alpert has just as much skills & island savvy as the great Ben-tini. Alpert (Cheney) wields all of the real power while Ben (Bush) fights the public fight for minds & souls.

    ~ The LOST time slot won’t be firmed-up until January because ABC/Disney has to look at mid-season replacements for its’s failures and at the successes it had during November sweeps. LOST starts right at the beginning of February sweeps and ends at the end of May sweeps. You can bet they are going to tie it to (before or after) one of its’ big winners in order to bring LOST the viewership it deserves. Mon-Thurs are the best bet but they may even put it in a prime Fri, Sat, Sun slot if they can tie it to another winner. Feb = no football on Sat, Sun or Mon. which opens a lot of slots.

  5. Lins says:

    This isn’t really related, but if anyone watches that new show Chuck, did you pick up on last week’s episode when the dr. had Chuck hooked up to that computer and he was flashing through all the images and Chuck was saying what they meant, at one point he said, “Oceanic Flight 815 was (and then it sounded like) shot down”. I know it’s a different show on a different network, but still a little strange!

  6. Lesley says:

    Day and time do not matter thanks to TIVO! I like that Jacob is the island theory. I have always believed the “eyeland” controlled the goings on just not sure how that happens. Ben clearly has insight, whether it is flashes or more concrete knowledge one can only guess. I do see that more and more LOST tidbits wind up on other networks. I caught a bit of a recent “Law and Order” and Locke’s Dad was guest starring as wacked kidnapper! His name?…you guessed it….Cooper!

  7. ABD says:

    I like it at Wednesdays at 10pm. Later is better for a multitude of reasons, and having it on Wednesdays gives (me) something to look forward to in the middle of the week. However, as long as it’s on at 10pm, I won’t care too much about the day…

  8. Anon says:


    Fisher Stevens has joined the Lost cast as the mysterious Minkowski.

  9. ANON2 says:


    10/14 – Damon Lindelof reveals: I hereby promise you one heroic Hurley moment in the season four premiere.
    Source: Lost Magazine

  10. lost chicka says:

    i really like that jacob is a manifestation of the island. that actually makes a lot of sense – well in a lost way that is.

    the day/time thing really doesn’t matter to me. i don’t watch idol usually anyways since it’s a glorified kareoke contest. i never watch heroes or nbc. and i would skip any show for lost. saturday would be a really good day i think cuz nothin’s ever on tv.

    anyways, it makes a lot of sense that if des has visions, that ben might too.

  11. lost chicka says:

    oh, and by the way, i don’t really think that the tumbs up/thumbs down thing will work very well once we get into the new lost season. the comments don’t always make sense if you don’t read them in order.

  12. Rob T says:

    Im not sure if you folks know this but in the eposide where Ben takes Locke to talk to jacob in the beatup little cabin in the jungle Jacob supposedly gets angry. If you go in slow motion the camera pans to the rocking chair and there is some man sitting there with long hair. Its freaky.

  13. looooost freak =) says:

    Ok seriously the whole Jacob thing…is is he really a manifestation of the island?? and if anyone saw last episode there was a person sitting in the rocking chair…so i’m like totally confused now!

    but i agree that LOST should be on saturdays =)
    even though i have a DVR =)

  14. Shamik says:

    The island existed in the past but not in the present. Somehow the flight 815 ended up on the same coordinates which is the ocean now, but they landed in the past that is when there was an island. Some how others had also landed there in the past. The flashes they are having about the ‘near future’ is the near future but not the real future. It can be changed based on what they do on the past on this island. Ben is trying to control this past so that the present and the near future remains in his favor which somehow he can go back to through consciousness transfer. Remember the mouse that beat the maze without even being trained. All others but the Oceanic 6 have died for the present, but are alive trapped on the island.

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