Lost News – October 30th, 2007

Last week was a little light on show-related news, but there are a few things worth mentioning:

*Mediaweek published an article related to ABC programming and more specifically, an interview with ABC Entertainment President Steve McPherson. Given the success of ABC’s 3 new primetime shows on Wednesday night, it is looking more and more like Lost will be airing on a different night, but again, nothing is official yet.

*Variety posted an article that summarizes why the possible writers strike could very well have a positive impact on Season 4:

ABC’s desire to run the 16 episodes over consecutive weeks without repeats — to keep the show’s dramatic momentum going a la Fox’s “24” — dictated that fans would have to wait with bated breath for the show to bow in February rather than during the traditional fall rollout.

Now, with the threat of a writers strike becoming a more distinct possibility, “Lost” may wind up being one of the net’s precious few fresh scripted offerings in the season’s second half.

*One thing is for sure about the Season 4 Premiere, it now has a title. BuddyTV posted an article about the premiere, which included the title “The Beginning of the End” and alluded to some photography that TVGuide had posted as it relates to the Premiere.

Have a Happy Halloween!

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One Response to Lost News – October 30th, 2007

  1. SpinPapi says:

    Hallelujah! “The Beginning of the End” is a wonderful season-opener title. LOST lover? LOST hater? There’s something for everyone in there. =]

    Seriously though, if there’s a strike, production of LOST will shut down as well, which could delay airing. Let’s hope the writers get what they deserve…quickly!

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