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Lost Missing Pieces #4: "The Deal"

Another good mobisode, in my opinion. If you have not yet seen “The Deal”, you can view it here. The premise of “The Deal” centers around a discussion between Michael and Juliet, and the title is an obvious reference to … Continue reading

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Lost: Missing Pieces #3 – "King of the Castle"

Though it has not yet been posted on, the third mobisode can be found here. In my opinion, this is the most interesting thus far, given the characters involved (Jack and Ben), the setting (a chess match), and the … Continue reading

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Lost: Missing Pieces, Episode 1 & 2 Recap

As most all of you know, you can now find the first two Missing Pieces episodes on I would recommend watching them, if for no other reason than it’s new content and we are still a few months away … Continue reading

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Lindelof Interview Regarding Season 4

Kristin Dos Santos, of E!Online, posted an interview with Damon Lindelof yesterday about the strike and its potential effect on the arc of the remainder of the series. Pretty compelling stuff, specifically related to the idea that Episode 8 may … Continue reading

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Lindelof Speaks About WGA Strike

Pretty good clip of Damon Lindelof and Marc Cherry, creator of “Desperate Housewives”, picketing and speaking about the strike:

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Lost Mobisodes & Premiere Date Revealed?!?

*The Lost Mobisodes will be titled Lost: Missing Pieces, and here is ABC’s official description: Lost: Missing Pieces are 13 two-to three-minute stories of compelling, new, never-before-seen moments from LOST. These newly-created scenes (not deleted scenes from previous episodes) reveal … Continue reading

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Writers' Guild of America Calls Strike

Not sure to what degree of interest this is for most of you, but it would seem that last night it was all but confirmed that the WGA has moved to strike. Kristin from E!Online wrote an interesting post about … Continue reading

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