Writers' Guild of America Calls Strike

Not sure to what degree of interest this is for most of you, but it would seem that last night it was all but confirmed that the WGA has moved to strike. Kristin from E!Online wrote an interesting post about it in her blog last night, having heard about it during a benefit for the Children’s Defense Fund:

Funny enough, I heard this news tonight while sitting at a table at a Children’s Defense Fund dinner with Lost producer Damon Lindelof and Heroes producer Tim Kring, whose Blackberries (along with other writers, producers and directors in the room) simultaneous buzzed about 7:30 with the news that “It’s on.”

The mention related to what effect this has on Lost is also worth noting:

From all appearances, Lost may have the best advantage of all series, given that it has been stockpiling new scripts since June and not a single episode has yet aired. At this point, 14 of 16 episodes have been written. And if the strike does last long enough to really affect other series, Lost could very well be the only quality scripted dramas on television in February (along with perhaps 24, though it’s far more behind in its scripts due to a major overhaul of location and storyline).

There is also some coverage in the WSJ, basically indicating that the specifics of the walkout are still unclear. The length of the strike will determine to what degree programming suffers, but if there ever was a reason to appreciate the agonizing wait for Season 4 of Lost, this would be it!

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9 Responses to Writers' Guild of America Calls Strike

  1. KillerR says:

    isnt if funny how its always these upper class dudes in the more lucrative industries that are going on strike?

  2. Toeknee says:

    Supposedly Lost has only 8 of the 16 episodes ready, according to this article from the LA Times:

  3. SpinPapi says:

    @KillerR: Sometimes it’s easier for someone in a better economic situation to fight for their rights, but by no means are all screenwriters making huge sums when you take into account how hard it is to get and keep work.

    And if their example leads the way for other workers who are getting the shaft, all the better.

  4. koraisfat says:

    I made a poll about this topic, what do you think??

  5. azandi says:

    Umm, sorry to burst the happy bubble guys, but…..


    I know, this is unbelievable. Maybe the worst news to hit Lost in its history. Wait nearly an entire year, and now we get 8 fucking episodes.

    Damn writers.

  6. patience says:

    its not the writers fault, they don’t get their fair share. They dont even get a share, you should support Damon, Carleton and the WGA and be appreciated for the hours and hours on quality entertainment they have given us, not the greedy networks. The fans could stop the strike if we worked together.

  7. KillerR says:

    First off other industries going on strike have never helped anyone but those who were directly involved. in ’94 baseball had a “work stoppage” and cut the season short because they werent getting what they thought was right. who benifited from that? not baseball fans.

    second,anyone who could just leave their job and join a pickett line isnt hurting for money. its millionaires arguing with billionaires and all it does is put stress on the fans and the writers that depend on that paycheck every two weeks or every month or whatever it is. i guess they can go to unemployment and get 70% of their paycheck,but that sucks.

    last, when “strikes” accure and more money is given to whoever it is thats wanting it corporations dont look at how they could cut costs, or what they could do to find this money that the strikers are going to get (because we all know they will get it). they just do the thing that is easiest and that is raise the cost of the end user. us.

    one thing they will not do is cut in to their profits. especially if they are a publicly traded company. so say whatever you want about support this and support that. how about,for once, they support us.

  8. STEW says:

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