Lost Missing Pieces #4: "The Deal"

Another good mobisode, in my opinion. If you have not yet seen “The Deal”, you can view it here.

The premise of “The Deal” centers around a discussion between Michael and Juliet, and the title is an obvious reference to what Michael had to do to save Walt. The dynamic of their conversation is interesting, specifically after Juliet reveals some information about the deal she had to cut with Ben to save her sister’s life. We, again, see Michael’s somewhat self-centered perception of reality come out, in the following dialogue:

Juliet – I guess you are. I made a deal with him too.
Michael – Then why are you still here?
Juliet – Because he saved my sister’s life.
Michael – And where is she?
Juliet – Miami.
Michael – But you had to stay? What’s the point saving her life if you can’t be with her?
Juliet – Wouldn’t you do anything to save Walt?

Michael then just blankly stares at Juliet… I find this interesting because we know Michael’s past, specifically his initial reluctance in which he accepted Walt into his life. This definitely has me even more intrigued with how Michael will be injected back into the storyline during Season 4.

Also, Kristin Dos Santos of E!Online is reporting that advertisements for Season 4 of Lost will be coming to a theater near you, possibly. This is not that big a deal in and of itself, but I do find this particular excerpt from her post exciting related to Season 4:

And by the way, this also means ABC thinks the new season of Lost is so good, it warrants such play. I’ve heard from Alphabet-net insiders that the upcoming eight episodes filmed so far are “crazy good” and will “even satisfy the haters.”

Not that any of us expected less, but this obviously bodes well for what we will get starting in February.

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3 Responses to Lost Missing Pieces #4: "The Deal"

  1. SpinPapi says:

    Woo hoo! Hurry up, February! This installment of LOST Moments seems to me a way to remind us that Michael is not evil (as so many believed from what he did) but that his actions, right or wrong, were reasonable *to him*. They are probably hoping we’ll be sympathetic to his character during the upcoming season. I can’t wait to see how he (and hopefully Walt) comes back.

  2. Joel I says:

    I noticed something in this scene that I believe was intentional. Every time Juliet wanted Michael to believe her, she blinked her eyes as she answered him. It was very obvious to me, so I am wondering whether it was meant to be noticed, or if the actress is simply unaware of her facial gestures (I doubt that!). She has done this in other episodes, and it was most interesting.

  3. Bobola says:

    So now we are able to JUSTIFY what Michael did?
    He’s an evil asshole and also stupid; he did not need to kill those women; he could have tied them up and ran off. He traded two innocent lives for the possibility…just the possibility that he would get his son. And if the Others wanted his son, who’s to say they would have harmed him anyway? He also could have leveled with the Losties and surely gotten their help, seeing as the Doc has to always play the hero.
    He’s a low life scumbucket and I hope he gets his—in fact I hope it’s Walt who does him in after finding out he killed those babes. Typical ME FIRST-Get Out of My Way modern attitude. I see his type every day on the Freeway ready to risk my life to save themselves a nanosecond.

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