Lost News Update – 12/22/2007

*The extend Season 4 Trailer hit the web this week:

Pretty awesome… On the surface it seems that Season 4 could be the best yet. Obviously it will be interesting to see who stays and who leaves, and the continual evolution of the flash-forwards and flash-backs. Even if we are only going to initially get 6-8 episodes, January 31st cannot get here soon enough!

Happy Holidays to all!

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10 Responses to Lost News Update – 12/22/2007

  1. Justin says:

    so i have a question.

    why do the various previews/promos that have been running being with something to the extent of “….on sept 2007 oceanic…was lost…on jan 30, 2008 they are found” when, to my knowledge, the show has been moving in day-to-day time with references throughout each season to how many days theyve been on the island?

    so its not like its real time and they are being rescued 4 years later. right? i realize this may be more of an arch for the viewers and not the characters, but seems odd.

  2. todd says:

    agreed. Very exciting promo. Gives me the shivers.

  3. Aaron H. says:

    I’m super curious about the logo shot at the end that shows the island at the top, but a city reflected in the water.

    I *SO* cannot wait. Now, if this stupid writer’s strike would so we could get all 16 episodes. *le sigh*

  4. lost chicka says:

    I am so excited for lost to start, I can’t wait anymore!!!!! I need to make 20 new theories for each show and have at least 18 of them be wrong! I love it when that happens*drenched with sarcasm*.

    I hope the writers strike ends REALLY soon. TV executive people need to get over themselves before nobody watches TV! I’m already getting sick of reruns on every channel….which is why I’m rewatching Lost.

  5. lost chicka says:

    Oh, the commercial:

    I think January 31, 2008 is just the premiere. It wouldn’t make sense to put January 2005 really, cuz it’s 3 years later.

    Stupid losties, never listening to the almighty all knowing Ben. Now they’re all gonna die.

    And here’s my first theory: Locke ain’t leavin the island. He has no reason to leave. (#2)And he won’t kill Ben cuz he’s not a murderer.

  6. Anon says:

    [quote comment=”154728″]Oh, the commercial:

    I think January 31, 2008 is just the premiere. It wouldn’t make sense to put January 2005 really, cuz it’s 3 years later.[/quote]

    Remember, they’re in a Bloody Snow Globe. Not only in space but in time. On The Island, only 80 days (??) have passed. But in the outside world, 3 years have gone by. When they get rescued, they’re gonna be mighty confused on where all the time went…

  7. romr says:

    Ok. I am sorry, but I have been watching Lost through the DVD’s and I have to say that the writting does leave much to be desired of. It is way too predictable and the flash backs, oh please please make them stop already, I also didn’t appreciate the 2 token new dead people they decided to introduce, that was totally lame. I’m talking about Paulo and whatever her name was. Maybe they should get some new freaking writers…

  8. Fer says:

    My theory: While writers and NBC keep making money, LOST will continue playing on TV for many many more years.

  9. KillerR says:

    first off youre an idiot. lost is the furthest thing from predicable. second, if you hate it so much; piss off.

  10. Ched says:

    This trailer is nice.

    Who is the man in the dark room? And, what is he doing?
    It only shows a flash of him, and it comes right after Locke says something about a “traitor.”

    For what it’s worth, I think it’s Jack’s Dad. Though, I’m not sure about much else!

    The reflection of a city in the water is also intriguing.

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