Update – Chapter 5

Tonight’s update included two new videos, one of which is made available after the completion of the first of two activities in this chapter (the second of which is not yet available), where you have to navigate the ship through some reef (basically a maze) to reach the proper coordinates, utilizing the arrow keys on your keyboard.

The videos lead us to believe that Sam and Ockham have found Black Rock, despite Talbot trying to intervene:

Chapter 5 Video – Prior To Activity

Chapter 5 Video – After Successful Completion

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5 Responses to Update – Chapter 5

  1. lost chicka says:

    lost starts in 2 days!

  2. joe says:

    here’s what i want to know – did the producers of the show have -anything- to do with this campaign? if they are all on strike, do we consider anything that’s happening here ‘canon?’

  3. NikkiV says:

    Good point Joe! One of my many questions as well…

  4. Meg says:

    They could’ve done this before hand. This isn’t something you do on the spot.

  5. Profit says:

    on the episode of lost where jack visits the funeral home and the name of the home ment fast forward in it was a mystery person in the casket and that person was sawyer.

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