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The Constant

Tonight’s Desmond-centric episode will mostly focus on Sayid and Desmond’s trip with Frank Lapidus back to the freighter – and accordingly we will see the introduction of a number of new characters. Hopefully we get much more insight into how … Continue reading

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Eggtown Recap & Other Ramblings

I have to say that the first four episodes of Season 4 have definitely delivered – we may not be getting all the answers we are looking for, but you can definitely feel that the storytelling is moving forward at … Continue reading

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I am not sure that “The Economist” can be topped (I am still haunted by Sayid saying “The day I trust this man is the day I sell my soul”), but as the show goes on tonight’s episode centers around … Continue reading

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Lost News Update – 02/20/2008

Lots going on in the Lost world this week heading into Episode 4 tomorrow night: *Lost Podcast Returns – A link to the official Podcast is below, and in an effort to not push any spoilers out there I would … Continue reading

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The Economist

Tonight’s episode will focus on Sayid, and for those of you who watched the promo at the end of last week I am sure you can put two and two together related to what this means… We should get more … Continue reading

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WGA strike update

As many of you know, the WGA strike is officially over and it is now clear what that means for Lost: We will get through Episode 7 of Season 4 and then there will be a five week (roughly) hiatus … Continue reading

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"Confirmed Dead" Recap

It’s pretty crazy to think there was a contention of people out there who thought that this particular episode was a let down after the season premiere – I could not disagree more. This episode rocked, and I cannot remember … Continue reading

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