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The Constant

Tonight’s Desmond-centric episode will mostly focus on Sayid and Desmond’s trip with Frank Lapidus back to the freighter – and accordingly we will see the introduction of a number of new characters. Hopefully we get much more insight into how … Continue reading

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Eggtown Recap & Other Ramblings

I have to say that the first four episodes of Season 4 have definitely delivered – we may not be getting all the answers we are looking for, but you can definitely feel that the storytelling is moving forward at … Continue reading

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I am not sure that “The Economist” can be topped (I am still haunted by Sayid saying “The day I trust this man is the day I sell my soul”), but as the show goes on tonight’s episode centers around … Continue reading

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Lost News Update – 02/20/2008

Lots going on in the Lost world this week heading into Episode 4 tomorrow night: *Lost Podcast Returns – A link to the official Podcast is below, and in an effort to not push any spoilers out there I would … Continue reading

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The Economist

Tonight’s episode will focus on Sayid, and for those of you who watched the promo at the end of last week I am sure you can put two and two together related to what this means… We should get more … Continue reading

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WGA strike update

As many of you know, the WGA strike is officially over and it is now clear what that means for Lost: We will get through Episode 7 of Season 4 and then there will be a five week (roughly) hiatus … Continue reading

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"Confirmed Dead" Recap

It’s pretty crazy to think there was a contention of people out there who thought that this particular episode was a let down after the season premiere – I could not disagree more. This episode rocked, and I cannot remember … Continue reading

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Confirmed Dead

Tonight’s episode will focus on the introduction of four new characters from the Freighter (including actor Jeremy Davies who we saw at the conclusion of last week’s episode), and hopefully their true intentions as it relates to the Island. Based … Continue reading

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"Beginning of the End" Wrap Up

What a week for Lost. Seriously, I think that the season was kicked off with an urgency we have yet to see from the show, and definitely lived up to the hype (if that is even possible with the ABC … Continue reading

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Oceanic Golden Pass Announcement

In case you missed this last night, or could not bear the thought of watching “Eli Stone”… This obviously coincides with the conclusion of the story arch, but it will be interesting to see where they take this over … Continue reading

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