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Lost Hiatus – Update

The hiatus blues have seriously kicked in after 8 fantastic episodes of Lost so far this season – now the wait starts again… Here are some interesting things happening in the Lost-world to keep your mind occupied (24 more days … Continue reading

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Meet Kevin Johnson

I have to be totally honest – I am not a fan of Michael the character, and that is a testament to Harold Perrineau and how he has been able to turn Michael into such a reprehensible character on the … Continue reading

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Ji Yeon

So what do we know about tonight’s episode? Most of the actors/actresses involved with Lost have referred to this particular episode as “the most shocking” of the first seven – that alone sends chills up my spine Ji Yeon does … Continue reading

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The Other Woman

Juliet becomes the center of attention in tonight’s episode – and just in time, as her role has been minimal thus far through the first 5 episodes – we’ll see if things spice back up between her and Jack – … Continue reading

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