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A Theory on Time Travel

Given the amount of discussion devoted recently to the possibility of time travel and/or distortion, a good friend emailed me a link to the following theory – some of you may have already seen this, and even though it has … Continue reading

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The Shape of Things to Come

Lost is back in a major way tonight – death, destruction and mayhem have all been rumored and predicted. The title itself gives reference to a book by H.G. Wells that speculates on future events and the nature of war. … Continue reading

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Lost News Update – April 18th, 2008

*Doc Arzt posted the audio from a press conference call with Lindelof and Cuse yesterday, and there is some really good information about what we can expect in the future: -The title of the finale is “There’s No Place like … Continue reading

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Lost News Update – More Lost this Season?!?

Thankfully Season 4 resumes in two weeks – here is some info to keep you thinking until then: *As many of you have noted in previous post commentary, there is current speculation that we may get an additional hour of … Continue reading

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